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Game Industry’s Tactical Rhetoric Aimed at Nintendo and Nintendo Fans

Former CEO of THQ (who was at the helm that made THQ essentially destroyed), Rubin, says:

“Nintendo is irrelevant as a hardware manufacturer in the console business.”

So who is going to make the handheld console? Sony has shown it doesn’t have the competence to do it. Microsoft won’t even try. Oh, silly me, the handheld console market apparently doesn’t exist in Industry Land.

I’ve made the mistake to assume that people like Rubin are idiots who say stupid things. His stupidity is proven without a doubt by his mishandling of THQ. I have grown more cynical with age. Take a look at this:

However, that isn’t to say that he doesn’t believe there is a lot of value at Nintendo, it’s just found in the software. 

This is the truly outrageous statement. If Nintendo’s software is sooooooooooooooooo good, then why doesn’t it sell the hardware? As everyone knows, Console Sales 101 is that software sells the hardware. If Nintendo software is so damn good as people say, if Nintendo software is a ‘worldwide treasure’, then people would be buying the hardware to get to that software. They did with the Wii. They do with every Nintendo handheld.

The answer is that Nintendo’s software is not good. If the software was in great demand, then people would buy the hardware. “But the hardware is what causes people to not buy the console!” That is the biggest myth. People don’t care about the console. They just care about the games. The only way the hardware matters is when it factors in to the price.

What is this ‘great’ Wii U software that is a ‘worldwide treasure’? NSMB U is a disappointment to 2d Mario Mania fans. The game introduced nothing new and seemed lame by being made by the C team. Super Mario World is how you make a launch 2d Mario.

Was Nintendo Land ‘high quality software’? Get out of here. That was nothing but Wii U hardware concept demos wrapped in Nintendo IPs. My ass has higher quality.

Was Wind Waker HD ‘high quality software’? Wind Waker was a disaster on the Gamecube and extremely hated by Zelda fans. Why would a HD version of the most despised Zelda game (before the DS Zeldas) be considered ‘high quality software’?

Is Pikmin 3 ‘high quality software’? Pikmin 1 and 2 didn’t excite people. Neither did 3.

Is Mario in 3d World ‘high quality software’? Then why don’t people buy it? Why don’t Wii U owners want to buy it? All I see the Wii U owners buy is NSMB U and Wii U Party.

The rhetoric is very tactically aimed. Comments like this is to say to Nintendo Fans: “Keep encouraging Nintendo to make this ‘high quality software’.” Nintendo will hear such comments and with Nintendo Fans adding in by hearing: “Everyone loves our software, so we need to keep making it!”

The Game Industry would LOVE Nintendo to make Pikmin 4.

The Game Industry LOVES Nintendo making more 3d Mario.

The Game Industry would LOVE to have Aonuma to keep making Zelda games forever.

The Game Industry really WANTS Sakamoto to keep following his ‘vision’ of Emo Samus in Metroid: Other M.

I remember when NSMB Wii was shown at E3 2009. I’ve never seen so many pissed off people in the Game Industry. The Sony people were instructed to virally market that NSMB Wii was just copying Little Big Planet (hahahahahahahah). IGN kept downplaying the game. When my suggestion that IGN kept intentionally giving Nintendo bad advice, they got really, really pissed. They made a really nasty podcast just slamming NSMB Wii. Not long after, they left.

The most memorable reaction was from Michael Pachter. He was still emailing me at the time, and I asked him that he should comment on how well NSMB Wii was selling especially in an era when it was believed that 2d platformers were dead especially at home consoles. Very angrily, he said he wouldn’t comment on why a MARIO GAME would SELL. (But Mario games don’t all sell the same way.)

Remember the Game Industry often saying how Nintendo needs to make something other than Mario? They always said this because Mario (used to) sells very well. Had Mario not sell well, the Game Industry would ask Nintendo to keep making more of it.

Remember Wii Sports? Boy, the Game Industry demanded that Nintendo stop making games like that. In fact, Nintendo should make ‘hardcore games’ like they did on the Gamecube. Yeah! Gamecube games! I was laughing so hard at this at the time. But then Nintendo ACTUALLY DID IT. They started making Gamecube-esque games again. And look what happened. The Wii U happened.

Nintendo developers are just as human as you. They have egos. They can easily be manipulated by hearing ‘praise’ from the press concerning games the Game Industry wants Nintendo to keep making.

To you doubters, has there ever been a best selling Nintendo game that the Game Industry has praised? Ever? They hate NSMB series. They hate Mario Kart. They hate Wii Sports. They hate the Balance Board. They hate Classic Zelda. They LOVE Aonuma Zelda. They LOVE 3d Mario. They LOVE Pikmin. They would have LOVED Metroid: Other M if it wasn’t *so* ridiculous.

And by getting certain ‘hardcore gamers’, who are the easiest to manipulate of all, by getting them to believe that games like 3d Mario are ‘sophisticated’ while NSMB isn’t, or that Aonuma Zelda is ‘high class’ while Classic Zelda is ‘outdated garbage’, and that Wii Sports and Wii Fit are all ‘non-games’, they can further manipulate Nintendo by using the hardcore gamers.

I know this sounds ‘conspiracy-ish’, but I’ve been doing this a long time. Why is Nintendo’s software only declared ‘good’ when their hardware doesn’t sell? When the hardware does sell, such as with the Wii, the software was declared bad.

What other purpose does First Party software have but to sell the hardware? If it doesn’t sell the hardware, then the software is bad. End of story. While gamers may not understand this, the Game Industry does.

Here is another one: the refrain that third party software doesn’t want to be on the Nintendo console because then it would have to compete with Nintendo games. Then why do you want Nintendo to go third party then? Wouldn’t that cut into the non-Nintendo third party game sales? Notice how there is no consistency or logic at work here with these constant refrains and sayings commonly repeated from a Game Industry person.

No one is THIS stupid. They are saying what they are for calculated reasons.


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