Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 5, 2013

Email: Super Mario 3d World is not fun

So I just played Super Mario 3D World, and let me tell you, it is not fun. The Hardcore seem to love 3D open world punch-and-kick mario, none of that is even in the game. Everyone else loves classic mario, it’s nothing like that either, despite how flat-looking they try to make it, and with all the nostalgia pandering. The game doesn’t even manage to be as fun as NSMBU which is admittedly a bland upgrade to NSMB Wii. This could be one of the worst selling mario games yet. I have a feeling Nintendo will completely mess up mario kart and smash bros too.
Also, as a member of Club Nintendo I get emailed surveys. Just the standard questions except what really made me laugh was one of the questions in this recent one which practically could have just said “What’s so good about 2D mario anyway? Tell us below”
And now they’re selling a “Mega mario pack” with both the 2D mario games on wii u and with 3D World tacked on in the UK at 299


Sales so far seem to be saying that 3d World isn’t that hot. I’m curious what North America sales are for 3d World. 3d Mario always sells best there.



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