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Email: Nintendo dominates in handhelds. Don´t make me laugh!

A fine day to you, Master Malstrom!

 Nintendo always dominates in the handheld market. Always.

-Master Malstrom

I have to admit I’ve become very sceptical to this with the 3DS. Considering that Pokémon on the 3DS isn’t selling nearly as well as it did on the DS. In Japan the newest Pokémon games will probably become the First Pokémon games not to reach the 5 million mark. Something Pokémon has always done. And what about the hardeware sales of the 3DS that have gone downward?

Yes, I know, we are in a humongous depression but it seems the market has decided to move away from dedicated handhelds. Hardware and Software sales for the 3DS are even worse than those for the GBA for godsakes! How the hell can you ignore what is going on Master Malstrom?

To be very clear, I don’t believe that Nintendo should forsake the handheld market altogether. It just seems as though there’s now stopping this trend. Take a look at this:

I know Nintendo has made mistakes, I know the economy is one hell of a big Albatross for everyone making video-games in the first place. But when I see something like this it just feels as if handheld gaming is in freefall and it cannot be changed back.

So I guess what I´m asking is this: what is it that makes you say that Nintendo is still dominant in the handheld space? Despite the mistakes made with the 3DS obviously? What is the counter-argument against this massive wave of smartphones becoming so dominant?


What is the counter-argument of home console gaming against the massive wave of Personal Computers becoming so dominant in the 1990s?

Smartphones are mobile PCs. There is plenty of data saying that tablet sales are cannibalizing laptop sales. I don’t see mobile devices cannibalizing dedicated game handhelds.

Except when it comes to women. This is a fascinating social phenomena I keep bringing up with people in my circle. When home PCs were first introduced, women didn’t care for them (not ALL women, but most women). Guys who kept playing on their computer with games or programming or whatever were considered NERDS. “Why don’t you go outside and be social?” the women would tell the guys. The women were correct. We, men, spent so much time with our PCs that we did neglect people around us.

With mobile PCs, it is the opposite. Women are more strongly affected by mobile PCs than men are. Go to any college campus where the cafeteria is. You will find young people sitting down in groups like they always do. However, the women will often be staring at their smartphone ignoring the group. All the texting and social media crap is affecting females more than males.

I wish I could take Doc Brown’s deLorean back to the 1980s to tell myself, “Women aren’t against computers. They are against computers that don’t socially connect with other people.” Of course, such a statement will make no sense to my past self. Back during Vanilla WoW, there was a saying: “Men believe WoW is a video game that happens to have a chat room. Women believe WoW is a chat room that happens to have a video game.” I predict in the years coming that we will see computers destroy certain women’s lives like we have seen computers be able to destroy some men’s lives.

Yes, the 3DS is not performing as well as the DS. But all sales are down. Even Wal-Mart’s sales are down. I think mobile computing is cannibalizing the more traditional computing in many areas. We can’t say it is entirely a Nintendo issue because of Sony’s disastrous Vita performance.

Speaking of mobile devices, I plan to be buying an iPhone within the month. Too many situations in business require me to have a smartphone these days. The games, also, are beginning to intrigue me. I’m very excited about Blizzard’s Hearthstone. The game seems like such a match on a handheld. I have a feeling Hearthstone is going to become very popular. But keep in mind, Blizzard has always been a PC game developer since PCs took off in the 1990s. Smartphone and tablets are exactly where a PC game company should go as those are PCs as well.



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