Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 10, 2013

Email: VGA hardcore rage

Uh oh, the hardcore gamers are upset again.  Like that’s a surprise.  While Spike TV’s “Video Game Awards” are pretty pointless themselves, apparently the hardcore are now raging over the show “making fun” of them.  You thought their outrage over the Big Bang Theory was bad. 
There’s tons of these vids.  I had trouble finding a good one to share.
I like the skit over a bunch of guys gushing over the new hardware and “graphics” and how they can “Facebook.”  Oh and everyone’s mad Reggie revealed Cranky Kong instead of a new Zelda.
These award shows are so stupid. I think many people didn’t like the new co-host. I have a guess on what is going on.
Newspaper writers and editors used to adopt the pose of smoking cigars and sounding really, really tough. The truth is that they were extremely effeminate. Guys who are sooooo nerdy, geeky, and all will become almost a parody of themselves in trying to be ‘macho’. I think that is what the co-host was doing. In fact, I think that is what is going on with these award shows. They overcompensate. They’d be better off allowing the nerdiness to reign and let the games speak for themselves.
But do the hardcore want to be reminded they are nerds? Do they want to be reminded that they are TOTALLY THE OPPOSITE of the manly men? Do advertisers want that? Would any advertiser pay money to be associated with a nerdy show? I’d imagine they’d want to be associated with a show that is ‘cool’ and ‘hip’.I’m not going to pretend to know how TV works, but there certainly does seem to be overcompensating due to the lack of true masculinity.
Video game players and even many developers are pasty thin guys. This isn’t a complaint. What else can someone look like when they are indoors all day trying to program something or play something? Outdoorsmen look like outdoorsmen because they are outdoors. Video game players/developers usually aren’t eyecandy like a hunky athlete. I wonder if the show runner is just trying to do what he could with the material at hand.


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