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Email: Mario Brothers

I’ve noticed that you really seem to like that game (especially how it was included in Super Mario Bros. 3).  Have you ever seen the version that was included in the Super Mario Advance games?  It was basically the same but with four-player support (with a single cartridge no less) and additional obstacles and enemies (the platforms can be frozen at times and Bowser even appears).  Nintendo should include that game in the Mario games again or least offer it as a cheap downloadable game (like they did with the GBA Four Swords game).


I’m aware of the GBA version. I was only a GBA player via the DS so I wasn’t around during its ‘time’. In the All-Stars version on SNES it had its own mode in Super Mario Brothers 3 because the developer really, really liked the SMB 3 battle mode. I’d love for Nintendo to sell it in some form or remake it to HD and be online enabled (making it to HD would involve like, what, ten HD sprites for that simple game?).

When the Wii came out, the VERY FIRST game I got was Mario Brothers which I downloaded from the Virtual Console. From my NES days, that game was nearly legendary because of how rare it seemed. Since it was one of the first NES games, there weren’t too many of them made. The rest of the cartridges got hogged by the newer games. There was a hamburger store named Sparky’s that was near me on what was farm roads (today, freeways go through there). For some explicable reason, the owner of Sparky’s placed the cover of NES games on the inside of the windows. A friend and I were just in awe of how in the world did he get a hold of Mario Brothers? Apparently, he was showing it off that he had it! haha. The local rental areas had a copy of Mario Brothers which I loved to rent. I was a HUGE renter in the NES Era (and SNES Era too). I would rent like ten to twenty games at a time. I literally did play through the entire NES library in the late 1980s. I recall going through game after game going “sucks,” “sucks,” “sucks,” “OMG!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!” I vividly remember enjoying the original Mega Man. The game was cool, but it was no Super Mario Brothers (what was?). I remember putting in Mega Man 2, not having that many expectations, and was totally and absolutely blown away. I ran out and bought the game nearly immediately and pre-ordered Mega Man 3 hahahahaha.

Another game I recall was on a hot summer night (this was the 80s, we had windows open at times) was being engrossed with Life Force. God, that game was sooooo good. I was playing it with a friend. It was incredibly fun to get totally spanked. *Game Over* We’d do it again. “OMG, hands coming out the walls!” *Game Over*.  “GEEZ! The wall GREW ON ME! hahahahahha” *Game Over*. ” “Is the level chewing me?” *Game Over*. “Hey! Stop stealing my lives!” *Game Over*. “Wohoo! I got my options back! OMG, *died*.” *Game Over*. Life Force was such a great co-op game.

Mario Brothers was a great multiplayer game. There actually weren’t that many on the NES that weren’t sports related. I’d like to see Nintendo make a 4 player Mario Brothers. With today’s wide screen TVs, there would be more screen real-estate to accommodate.

Miyamoto: “What is this madness? I made Mario Brothers. I don’t want to make it again. We need to keep pushing 3d Mario. I want to make 3d Mario over and over and over again. One day, everyone will love it!”

And this is what we get with modern Nintendo. Sigh….

Aonuma: “Wait until you see the next Zelda. It will be the same Zelda remade over and over again with lots of puzzles and bad NPCs. No! We cannot have more Classic Zelda! Remember, I hate those games! I’d rather make wooden dolls like I did in college.”

Sakamoto: “It’s that time again for another Metroid! No, you don’t want another 2d Metroid. I know what you guys want. You want another attempt at 3d Metroid with a full story script involving Samus Aran! What happens when Samus gets pregnant? Maternal instincts will abound!”

And Nintendo wonders why no one is buying their consoles.



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