Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 13, 2013

Email: Rogue Legacy

Hello Master Malstrom.

I’m completely addicted at Rogue Legacy. For me Dark Souls and Rogue Legacy are one of the best games today. They have much more quality than 90% of industry games, I wish more games with half quality of these two, but all I see is cinematic/scripted bullshit industry games.

Rogue Legacy is my Game of The Year. If you are a fan of Super Metroid or Metroidvania, this is the game for you. I don’t think it is NES style hard so much as to say NES style intense. It is amazing how the developers pulled off a randomized Metroid game. I was getting pretty powerful and my usual runs would take 30 minutes plus. So what I did was up the grace runes to make it more difficult (with better rewards). Instead of the play sessions dragging out, the play session stays where I am comfortable with. This shows tremendous insight from the developers to allow me to tailor the game to my preference.
I play the game everyday. I am taking a break at the moment to rest up for a Hearthstone all-nighter while I wait for the client to fully download.
There is one thing Nintendo should be very, very worried about. I keep playing classic games because there is nothing out there that does the jobs the classic games do. However, these indie games are getting up there to be able to do the job these classic games did. For example, I was about to do my usual run of Super Metroid. But with Rogue Legacy, that desire to play Super Metroid is no longer there. The jobs that classic games did are ripe for indie games to pluck. If Nintendo isn’t careful, they’re going to find smaller companies suddenly cornering the jobs the classic games did and Nintendo will be stranded upmarket with Gamecube-esque games.


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