Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 16, 2013

Email: Interesting Interview

I was looking at Zelda stuff when I found this interview from 2006.  Very interesting…NTSC-UK: Was it more difficult taking Mario from 2D into 3D than it was Zelda due to Mario’s innate 2D simplicity? 
Yes, with the long history of Super Mario Brothers and Mario himself, we knew it was going to be hard now that Mario is becoming 3D. Taking a look into the many different aspects of Mario, some things were going well because of 3D expression, but on the other hand, as you just pointed out, Mario may have become a game which is not for everybody now. That kind of feeling is actually taken very bitterly, and with the public reaction to the latest Mario games, we are already starting to develop a new Mario game that shall be different in that sense.”


Of course, we already know all this.  But still, it’s funny to just keep reading it time and time again.

So seeing 3d Mario not become mainstream is taken by Miyamoto very bitterly?

I would like someone to ask him why. What is so damn important about 3d? Nintendo is completely ignoring Internet multiplayer (except for Mario Kart). Yet, it is always 3d. The priority must be 3d. Why? What is so important about 3d?

I believe Miyamoto and others have some wild experiments with 3d that are too expensive to share with the general public. They are already designing Generation 12 consoles hoping the technology becomes cheap enough to make one day.

I would like Miyamoto to explain why every game must be 3d. It used to even be accepted by the hardcore that handheld games shouldn’t largely be 3d yet Nintendo blew that up with the 3DS.



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