Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 16, 2013

Email: Wii U is gamecubed

About 220,000 Wii Us sold in November:

By comparison, the GameCube apparently sold 468,000 consoles in its second November (to be fair, Metroid Prime was awesome):

This is what happens when Nintendo goes GameCube mode.  Hell, when it repeats GameCube mode it actually sees a decrease in sales compared to the original GameCube!  Hilarious!

This is just an abysmal number for a November.  But you know what?  I’m happy.  Miyamoto’s in-your-face Mario 3D game just tanked.  Good.  Serves him and the rest of those vanity developers right.  

Nintendo said it was supposed to sell hardware and it didn’t.  How could anyone view that as a hardware sales increase (while accounting for the always-there holiday bump) when it’s half of what the GameCube did at the same time?

You know what Nintendo, if you’re going to go GameCube mode, at least give me a Metroid Prime 4.

You just have to wonder about the discussions going on with the Nintendo Board of Directors (which Miyamoto is a member). You see, with the Gamecube, Iwata rationalized it failed because it was a year late, and it was too similar to the competitors. Wii U’s failure, and the 3DS to an extent, cannot be blamed on being a year late (Wii U was a year early). Wii U cannot be blamed by being similar to the competitors. The lack of Mario at beginning cannot be said for the Wii U disaster.

All of Reality’s fingers are pointing at the Modern Nintendo Philosophy of game consoles. Integrated hardware / software technology. Games that are designed around hardware input and not content.

I think Nintendo is crippled. By crippled, I mean they are stunned and don’t know what to do.

But here is where it gets interesting. Nintendo assumed the success of the Wii was due to ‘integrated hardware/software’ and games designed around the funky hardware. If Nintendo’s analysis of why the Gamecube failed was so off with their reasoning on why the Wii U would be successful, wouldn’t Nintendo’s analysis of the Wii be incorrect too? It would have to be.

When Nintendo goes back to the drawing board, the question to ask is not why did the Wii U fail. The question to ask is why did the Wii succeed. The Wii U was designed based on things Nintendo thought made the Wii success.



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