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Age of the Freelancer

No, not THAT Freelancer…

A blond man, wearing an unbuttoned leather jacket, stands at the right, holding a pilot's helmet in his left hand. In the background, spacecraft engage in a massive battle.  The words "Freelancer: The Universe of Possibility" are emblazoned at the top.

I meant THIS Freelancer…

(Photo via mikeroweWORKS)

Since when I started this website, I have advised that people should pursue a financial education because you are going to use money your entire life. Know how to start a business. Know how businesses operates. The issue isn’t so much that you should start a business, the issue is that you should control your own destiny.

What Mike Rowe talks about below is about how we are entering the Age of the Freelancer. What that means is that the Freelancer obtains knowledge or experience in a high-demand skill and defines his own wage. A welder is a good example of that. A welder can essentially get work anywhere in the world. Want to live in a certain country? It is your choice. Having such a trade skill is also a good back-up in case what you are currently doing stops working.

With the economic depression, I’ve recently gone back to school to pick up a trade. It’s amazing seeing so much bullshit taught in schools. One great way to determine the value of college classes is to place each class you completed on your resume. If a company doesn’t care about that class, you know it lacks value. In other words, Advanced Algebra may seem to have terrific value when you’re on the sanctuary of the school, but companies don’t care about that (why would they with its focus on  imaginary numbers, matrices, factoring, and other things not used in the Real World). However, classes on Electricity (which does use applied Algebra) have tremendous value to employers.  And this isn’t my opinion. The state of Texas recently got ride of advance Algebra classes from high schools because employers don’t want it. All it was doing was just annoying the students. I’ve noticed the people who say “Yeah! We need more math in schools!” are people who haven’t taken such math. Not all math is equal. Most people don’t know that the origin of math is from philosophy. Math is the absolution of philosophy. De Cartes who said, “I think, therefore, I am,” was also the same guy who invented the Cartesian Plane (with the X and Y values). While the current hype is that ‘all math is good’, this is not true. Some math is worthless. It is also incorrect to generally say ‘all humanities is worthless’. Interpersonal skills are valued. (as Mike Rowe says below, “I want to ask if the guy is an asshole.” hahaha)

The Game Industry is filled with hype. When we fall victim to it, we buy a bad game and are out some money. But hype fills every other area of life. Take the wrong life choice, and you can destroy your life. And to those of you already opening your email accounts to prepare some nasty emails against me, it is always good to consider different sides to a situation. With something as important as your life, it is always good to look around.

And now to Mike Rowe…



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