Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 17, 2013

Email: Rogue Legacy

This game interested me from the day it appeared in the Steam page, I bought it day 1 on a whim and had a blast for like three weeks. It’s so tough but I kept coming back.
And when I finally beat it, New Game Plus changes things around and makes the game even tougher despite your godlike lineage of decked out characters. I paid $10 for the game and it gave me more genuine value (not cutscene and fetch quest padding to inflate game time like in the hardcore games) than anything else in 2013.
It’s also a very “complete” game, pretty much impossible to make a cash grab sequel for it when it does everything it’s supposed to already.
Only thing I don’t like about it is that the 3 random slots for characters can often give you 3 completely unplayable shitty characters (with stuff like upside down or black/white screen), so the best option it to just pick one and suicide to reroll.
Regardless, I would love to see more independent game makers try their hands at randomized games. I wasn’t too warm with the concept, but when you pull it off it really makes for a compelling video game. Games like Terraria and Rogue Legacy made me realize that.
2D top-down Zelda-esque action game with randomized overworld and dungeons? Yes please!
Take care, and good luck on your search for the diamonds in the rough, they exist.
You can get an upgrade where you can randomize your children again if you get three that suck.


I’m still playing this game. I do so regularly. What really excites me are the curse and grace runes. The grace runes make the game easier with the rewards less. The curse ruins make the game harder with the rewards more. My runs were getting so long and easy that the game was starting to get boring. Then I upped the curse runes. Suddenly, the game remains addicting and challenging. As I get better, I’m sure I’ll add on more curse runes.


What amazes me about Rogue Legacy is how it will find the player’s ‘sweet spot’ for challenge in between ‘boring easy’ and ‘frustratingly hard’. Although, to new players the game will seem ‘frustratingly hard’ but it keeps getting easier and easier. So keep at it!


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