Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 22, 2013

Email: Hyrule Warriors

Master Malstrom,
Hello from one master to another. I don’t know if you caught sight of the latest Nintendo Direct, but there’s an interesting development game wise on the Wii U front. Nintendo has teamed up with Koei Tecmo and they are working on a game code named Hyrule Warriors. The game uses the content of The Legend of Zelda but uses the game mechanics from Koei’s long running Dynasty / Orochi / Samurai Warriors game series. This game got my attention largely because the video shows Link doing something I haven’t seen him do much of in a long time: fighting monsters and leveling up. The following link not only has the trailer to this game, but is a sight dealing with all things Dynasty / Orochi / Samurai Warriors: This game is still early in the development cycle and will be separate from the Aonuma led effort coming to the Wii U eventually. I wonder what would happen if this game outsold any of the Aonuma led Zeldas?

Nintendo would never support Hyrule Warriors like a Zelda game so it would never be outsold. Look how Nintendo marketed NSMB U compared to Super Mario 3d World? Nintendo wants their guys’ games to always be top. Always. Nintendo is currently pretending the game design of Legend of Zelda and Zelda II doesn’t even exist! (You remember doing puzzles all day in Zelda II? LOL.)

What interests me is how gamers on the Internet became VERY VERY excited at first. They thought Nintendo was going to take Zelda in a new direction, a direction of combat, of action, of excitement! When it became clear it was a themed Dynasty Warrior game, all excitement washed away.

This looks like a definite rental. I haven’t played a Dynasty Warrior game (mostly because I hate the Eastern themes). Who knows? Maybe it might be fun.



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