Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 22, 2013

Email: Isn’t it obvious?

Master Malstrom:

Considering the Wii was, when all is said and done, a “fluke” in Nintendo’s home console sales decline, isn’t it obvious what happened last generation?

Nintendo got help from an outside source to apply disruption into their business. They thought they learned enough to go on their own, and we got the 3DS and Wii U (and Wii’s latter lineup for that matter).

IMO, it’s the only reasonable explanation for this ridiculous change that got them back to square one.

Is this a troll email? Is it to incite a response from me?

People are fucking idiots when it comes to discussion about Nintendo’s business. Much of this is done deliberately through Game Industry kool-aid.

Lately, I pointed out how one can have fun by including the handheld game consoles into the ‘console discussions’. After all, the handheld consoles are dedicated game machines. “Can Nintendo compete?” Well, Nintendo wins all the time in the handheld side and here and there on the home console side. The real question is can Microsoft compete? Microsoft doesn’t even have a handheld game machine out. Sony does at least, even though it flops. “Can Nintendo have third party games on their platform?” There seems to be lots of third party games on the Nintendo handheld. “When will Nintendo go third party?” Why would they ever do that? They always win every generation in the handheld side. It is Microsoft that is third party on the handheld gaming side. And since Microsoft keeps coming last or near last every generation in the home consoles, it is more appropriate to ask when Microsoft will give that up. But drink Industry kool-aid, and you’d think Microsoft was some sort of powerful competitor.

I’ve seen people bring up the handhelds when it comes to ‘console discussions’ and boy, oh boy, do the Industry guys get pissed! “Stop trying to say things like they are doing a ‘persecute Nintendo’.” We should point out that discussion of the handheld console business was big back when the PSP was outselling the DS. When the DS recouped and began trouncing the DS, then all we heard was, “The handheld market doesn’t matter.” Could this be a prelude to what will occur in the home console side? “No! What goes on in handhelds does not matter to home consoles.” The Industry kool-aid is so worthless because there is no fair assessment of Nintendo.

Nintendo making the Wii U is like Apple making a smartphone with a keyboard after the iPhone success. Aside from the brand, the Wii U is a clear successor to the Gamecube instead of the Wii. It even has Gamecube controls and ports and sequels to Gamecube games! Just as the Wii took the DS’s success to the next level, the Wii U takes the 3DS’s failure to the next level. This is as clear as day to see. Anyone not seeing it probably has some agenda.

You cannot call the Wii a ‘fluke’ because the same ideas behind it were what caused the DS to erupt. In order for there to be a ‘fluke’, there has to be one incident. That isn’t the case here.

But this is Industry kool-aid. In Game Industry Land, there are no such thing as gaming handhelds in ‘console discussions’. It is easy to see why an Industry person won’t see the DS success. (What is striking about the DS is that its philosophy was introduced nearly a year after the system was already out. When the PSP was outselling it, the DS was a portable N64. The change in philosophy can be seen in the change in the software such as Nintendogs.)



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