Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 27, 2013


I had a video game Christmas.

Of course, Christmas is for the kids. You don’t realize that until you get older. New Year’s and Thanksgiving is more for the adults. It’s really the kids that make Christmas an event.

My nephews asked me what was the first game with Mario in it. They didn’t know. I said, “Donkey Kong.” They replied, “We have never played Donkey Kong.” I immediately remedied the situation by loading Donkey Kong on an emulator and cloning the computer image to the big TV. They all got to play Donkey Kong, and they actually enjoyed it. It is amazing how entertaining that 1981 ancient video game still is.

For hardware, my nephews got a new 3DS and some el cheapo Samsung tablet (I say el cheapo because all tablets now are becoming el cheap). The father of the boys had bought a Xbox One when it launched and was already playing it (for himself, not for the kids). The kids already had a Wii and Xbox 360.

I have been successful in getting the kids into Zelda (of course, I started with Twilight Princess and not “Aonuma’s Favorites”).

Minecraft is still popular. Minecraft merchandise is crazy. I think I saw half a dozen Minecraft clothing be given away as presents.

Oh, and hardcore gamers, weep and know that one of my nephews got a T-shirt with Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) on it. Everyone watches Big Bang Theory to laugh at the hardcore gamers/nerds. (I just found out that the Sheldon actor is nearly 40 and went to school in my neighborhood. So much talent where I live!)

One nephew got NSMB Wii as a gift. Ahh, the gift of 2d Mario keeps going strong!

No one got 3d Mario as a gift except for me giving one nephew a used copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. He was not happy at all. hahahahahaha



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