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Email: Final Fantasy IV, OCRemix, and other things

Man… reading your FFIV post and listening to all the music tracks really takes me back…  You have evoked many random memories and thoughts, I’m just going to ramble for a bit:

I really really loved that game at the time, and I cringe at what Final Fantasy has become nowadays.  Sometimes I wonder if the limitations in the music technology made the composers (Uematsu) strive to make better, more kick-ass hummable music, instead of wannabe Hollywood scores.
I feel like back then, there was a certain vagueness due to the limitations of the technology, that left a lot open to interpretation of the audience (gamer).  Kind of like the same thing that happened with Star Wars before George Lucas started implementing all the changes to the original trilogy (and also Episodes 1-3).  Everybody thought, “Really, George?  THIS is what you would have done had you had the ability?”  Nowadays I feel like I have outgrown Final Fantasy.  What is with all the anime/emo character designs?  WTF is this crap?
All the tracks that you listed are really great, but I’m surprised you didn’t list “Within the Giant”.
This is the track when you enter the big robot giant and have to fight the CPU and the weapons systems, and if I remember correctly re-fight the four elemental fiends.  It’s also the song that plays when you finally get to the very bottom levels of the core of the moon.  I remember that when you get down there, you had previously been fighting big red and blue dragons and behemoths, but all of a sudden on the level when this music starts playing again, you are fighting strange stuff with sprites that you haven’t seen anywhere else in the game.  And you can see the big orange “core” in the background.  So when you heat this music it makes you feel like “S*&^ just got real.”
The second time I ever played FFIV, I was about 15, up in my bedroom and was just getting to the part when the tanks and airships start attacking the Giant of Babil, and that badass song starts playing.  My little characters were about to go into the Giant, and I starting getting totally pumped up inside.  But, my dad came in the room and was angry at me for being mean to one of my little sisters, and he said “You turn that thing off!”.  I can’t remember exactly why I was in so much trouble but I had to turn the SNES off just as I was hearing that awesome song.  It was soul-crushing.
I absolutely love the final boss theme that you linked to.  Uematsu and the rest of those sound guys really knew how to extract every ounce of awesomeness out of those primitive sound systems.  For instance, in your video around 1:24 it really sounds like a sound effect in surround sound, phasing in and out from left to right channels.  I also love the fact that it in itself was sort of a remix of the battle music for the elemental fiends from earlier in the game.
So when you hear it at Zeromus, you think “Wait I know this song… Oh yeah it sound even MORE BADASS now!”
I agree with you about Edward.  I dont’ really hate him, but his parts seem like “early game filler content”.  Although, I did really like the Dark Elf’s cave.  It was a big difficulty spike but I loved the challenge of it.
Also, I had the exact same notions of how “FF2” (FIV) was or should have been connected to the same world of FF1.  I just really hoped deep inside my childish heart that FF3 would somehow connect the two narratives/worlds of FF1 and FF2.  I even wrote a letter to Square at the time, begging them to do as much in FF3.  I think I got back some generic form letter response that said “blah blah blah we take fan consideration into account blah blah”.
Hey Malstrom have you heard of the website Overclocked Remix?  It is a site dedicated to quality remixes of video game music.  It has a lot of genres available so you might have to sift through some of the remixes to find something you like, but the quality control on the site is extremely high.  For instance, I like techno/dance/trance music, and a couple of FFIV songs have been remixed on the site:
Some Zelda remixes:
Super Metroid:
Also have Mario, Castlevania, most anything you can think of.  I’d be interested to see if you like the site.  Please tell me you’re not a purist and criticize any remix that isn’t the original.  I think the best remixes don’t stray too far from recognizing the original songs, but do an interesting interpretation.
Best, and have a Happy New Year.
P.S.  No you’re not the only person to play FF1 as four white mages… it’s pretty fun ;)
P.S.S.  Will you actually play Dark Souls this year — not just the tutorial stage — seeing as it’s bascially a Rogue Legacy/Zelda in 3D?  Just play to the Anor Londo boss (half way point).  (No, I won’t quit asking.)
At the moment, I’m playing Risk of Rain. Though, I think I won’t be playing that one long. I can see why some people like it, but the overall game design seems uneven. Sometimes the random level allows me to easily shoot everything while other random levels make things very difficult.


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