Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 1, 2014

When was the last time you heard the Game Industry give bad news?

Of all the years I have sat here, I have never seen the Game Industry articulate bad news about itself. If a NPD month is below, it is never reported to be, say, the recession (where people have less money to spend than before). It is never reported to be that maybe gamers aren’t as interested in the new games as before.

In the past ten years of gaming, there has been downs. Yet, they have never been articulated as downs. “This is because the month of March is shorter than last year by a week resulting in…” It is always something else.

You can always tell when there is bad news because there is no gloating over good news. It is like the sales reports are announced and everyone stays very, very quiet. “Shhhhh…. Don’t say anything.”

The Game Industry needs to be more honest about itself. With declining subscribers of WoW, you don’t see Blizzard hiding the fact that the game is nearly ten years old. How long can one game last? If the Game Industry was in decline, never look for them to admit it.

“It’s because the console cycle was too long, Malstrom,” snorts the Industry. “We will have shorter cycles so now there will be no decline!” You know what the fallacy is of that thinking? It is thinking that hardware propels the software. The Golden Rule of console gaming is that software propels the hardware, not the other way around. Throwing out new hardware is not going to solve the long term problem. Quality software is what people want. Gamers play games, not hardware.



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