Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 8, 2014

Donkey Kong Country 3d

STILL don’t think Nintendo developers have a sick, sick obsession with 3d? The producer for Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze wants the next Donkey Kong game to be in 3d.

Even I browse the ‘hardcore’ forums and NO ONE has been asking or thinking about ‘Donkey Kong in 3d’. Donkey Kong N64 essentially destroyed the Donkey Kong brand which took Retro to revive it with Donkey Kong Country Returns. Mario 64 deflated the Mario brand. Why in the world would Nintendo want to make a Donkey Kong 3d?

Everyone wants Retro to make something else. Even having Retro make a new 2d Metroid to revive the Metroid franchise after Sakamoto destroyed it. We know Retro makes good Metroid games, imagine how good a 2d Metroid made by Retro would be! Reviving brands would give former Nintendo fans (such as myself) faith in the platform again.

The purpose of First Party games is to make something that sells the hardware. How in the world is Donkey Kong 3d going to do that? It won’t.

There is definitely a ‘3d Imperative’ at work with Nintendo. I don’t see how anyone can deny that there isn’t. The 3d Imperative has a direct correlation with the decline of Nintendo handheld and home console sales whenever it is pushed.



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