Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 8, 2014

Study: “Gamers who play for hours are prone to hallucinations and seeing distorted versions of reality…”

Being a hardcore gamer means distancing yourself from reality according to a new study.

Even more delicious is that the study specifically selected Gaming Message Forum users!

The study, compiled from responses by 483 forum users, explored the concept of “game transfer phenomena” – experiences where players’ perceptions, cognitions and behaviours are influenced by images seen while gaming.

Bold is my emphasis.

In extreme cases, the images may cause gamers to think irrationally and question their own mental health or perform impulsive behaviours. Other players reportedly thought the experiences were ‘fun’ and tried to induce them deliberately.

Eventually, science is going to find a correlation to hardcore gaming and mental insanity. The question then will be whether it was gaming that created the insanity or that the mentally insane were attracted to the gaming. From my decades of experience, I bet the answer will be that the hardcore games attract the mentally unstable. It is only the mentally unstable who constantly live in worlds of hype, who refresh the Gaming Message Forum a dozen times a day, who go on Console Fanboy Wars, and even attacking independent bloggers who say something they don’t like (something I witness everyday!).

Playing video games for ‘hours on end’ is actually a new thing. No one played Pac-Man ‘hours on end’. It is literally impossible to play Defender ‘hours on end’ or Donkey Kong ‘hours on end’. The only games I’ve ever played ‘hours on end’ on consoles would be JRPGs such as Dragon Quest. On the PC, games such as RPGs, strategy (Civilization), and Blizzard games have gotten me to play ‘hours on end’. However, to this day, it is not normal for me to play ‘hours on end’. Yet, the hardcore gamers do it everyday!

Video games are a dessert. Hardcore gamers are the equivalent of mental obesity.



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