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Both the 3DS and Wii U have been disastrous for Nintendo

Read it and see. Of course, readers of this page knew that 3DS and Wii U would be disastrous even before their launches.

This is from Iwata Asks. You will read it and see Nintendo’s sick, sick 3d obsession.


Just like Miyamoto-san said, for a while after the Nintendo DS and Wii systems came out, we didn’t attempt much with 3D aside from the Shigureden exhibit. As we approached development of our next handheld gaming device and considered the possible technologies, one of the developers said, “What about trying 3D?”


MiyamotoJust when 3D had slipped our minds, a staff member said, “You know, 3D is a possibility.”
ItoiWas that someone untraumatized by past experiences with 3D?
IwataYeah. (laughs) Someone unacquainted with the pain, if I am to follow your phrase.
MiyamotoYeah. (laughs)
ItoiI had a hunch. (laughs)
IwataAfter all, we had undergone some painful experiences in our efforts at 3D, so we’d grown somewhat reluctant.
ItoiI would think so. And you’d just had two big hits with Nintendo DS and Wii, so you might have preferred to leave well enough alone.

MiyamotoBut that timing was not bad at all when we thought about it. The basic elements of Nintendo 3DS build upon those of Nintendo DS, so simply updating to the newest technology would naturally improve upon the graphics. The resolution would go up and the depictive capabilities would go up. In other words, we could create lots of images and display them. But if we just made a product with evolved graphics for creating pretty pictures, the product would end up being a machine anyone can create.

It’s not Iwata that needs to be fired, it is Miyamoto. Miyamoto is the vision behind the 3DS (and probably Wii U as well). You can see that the idea was to take the DS and cram 3d into it because Nintendo has a sick, sick obsession with 3d. Iwata even admits that every time they try 3d, there is immense pain for the company. Miyamoto does not care. He pushes it to go ahead. The result is nearly destroying Nintendo’s handheld market.

The Wii U interviews only hover over the technical issues of the system. It’s clear there is no philosophy behind the Wii U. It is just a HD Gamecube with a ‘pad-like’ controller. It is not a solution to many problems but many solutions searching for problems.

Then they made a lazy 2d Mario with NSMB U. Ugh.

I think Miyamoto should get most of the blame. Miyamoto is a Board Member and was the ‘visionary’ behind the 3DS. Somehow, I’d like to blame this on Aonuma too. You know during the Wii Era, it was Aonuma who revealed what Nintendo almost came up with for the Wii design. It was a Gamecube like console with a touchscreen in the controller. I remember reading it at the time and thinking, “Man, if Nintendo did that, they would have been in BIG TROUBLE! Thank goodness for the Wii.” So then Nintendo makes the Wii U, and it was clear this was going to be a disaster. The Wii U design is probably because Nintendo couldn’t think of anything better so they went with the discarded plan they had for the Wii.

I think people calling for Iwata’s head are being pre-mature. You can only get rid of someone when you have someone to replace them. The skills of a game console head are numerous, vast, and rare. Iwata was put in because of his development history but because of how he turned HAL around. Any future president would first be groomed with the Corporate Planning Division as Iwata was starting in 2000.



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