Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 17, 2014

Email: Gamecubed

No Wind Waker HD.  No Mario 3D World.  No Link Between Worlds.

Woe to the GameCube direction.  Woe to Aonuma Zelda.

Wii U may have sold 500,000 units…. IN A DECEMBER.  That’s terrible.


I think it is telling that retail Minecraft is the best selling exclusive for the year.

I like how Wind Waker U was put out so more people could experience the game than was on the Gamecube. But the Gamecube will have a larger install base than the Wii U! Nintendo believes ‘software is responsible for the hardware sales’ except when it comes to THEIR games. Wind Waker responsible for poor hardware sales? No. Nintendo believed low hardware sales were responsible for poor Wind Waker sales which is a complete reversal of how the market works. Pikmin 3’s yield is at around 220 k which is a complete disaster for this very expensive-to-make first party game. I still don’t see the Iwata Asks for Pikmin 3.

I’m surprised the numbers are so low for PS4 and Xbox One considering their previous systems had a longer life cycle. Xbox One has more Xbox 360 fans to draw on than Xbox 360 had of the first Xbox fans.

I don’t see anyone singing and dancing in the streets with these numbers.



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