Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 20, 2014

Nintendo’s spending binge: building all these new buildings…

To further prove there is no analysis or even curiosity on Nintendo from analysts, game journalists, and our friends, the hardcore gamers, everyone has forgotten one massive expense Nintendo has been doing. Nintendo has been constructing new buildings.

Look at the new NOA building that was built only a couple years ago.

The new 300,000 square-foot Nintendo building, on a nearly 10-acre lot, replaces the building at 4820 150th Ave. NE and includes a parking garage with more than 900 spaces. The headquarters

How expensive was the ‘living roof’ that is COVERED with plants? Was this actually necessary? Why not just have a regular roof? And what was wrong with the old building? The macro-economics were clearly indicating ‘economic depression’, and Nintendo responds by constructing all these new buildings.

Here is another building Nintendo is currently constructing in Japan. That building alone costs nearly a quarter billion in dollars.

Nuevo Edificio Nintendo (10)

It would be a rather strange response for Nintendo to stop making console players after making these new buildings. Then again, it was a strange response to build them in the first place.

Going back to the NOA building, certain parts of it seem very vain (especially the ‘living roof’). Look at this:

Yes, I’m sure a waterfall will help create games.

The new NOA building was opened in May 2010 which is less than four years ago.

Were these buildings truly necessary? Nintendo made the Wii and DS without them.

I remember pointing out that all this construction was a sign of problems. Smart companies don’t go around making new buildings left and right especially in the entertainment business. Even Disney is very cheap. The Wii and DS success really went to their heads.



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