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Email: Now THAT is some hate mail!

Hahahahaha.Amazing how he claims to hate you yet he can’t stop reading your blog!

If I’m so “brainwashed” then why did I BUY A Link Between Worlds to discover the quality for myself?Oh, those kids these days.  Of all the things to get angry about, they get angry over a discussion about games.

The insecurity of modern gamers is astounding.

The Internet certainly must have had some effect on the insecurity. On the Internet, you can surround yourself with mirror images of yourself. We, here, shatter any images by looking at sales numbers. They don’t. They would keep praising the Wii U and even say “Wii U will turn around like the 3DS did!” up until Nintendo posted their profit loss which shows disaster for both Wii U AND the 3DS. The 3DS is certainly no ‘success’ like the DS, and Nintendo had to cut much profitability to move the 3DS.

Some people keep harping on ‘mobile devices’, but there is something these ‘mobile devices’ are doing that is making them have higher value than the Nintendo platforms. Do you know what it is? When you buy a new phone or tablet, you don’t have to buy your music, movies, and games all over again. There is an account system. Nintendo’s backwards compatibility isn’t good enough. If I buy something on iTunes, I will still have it between platforms. Why would anyone invest money into a games system where the games are stuck on hardware that will be replaced in a few years anyway? Each generation is around six years, and it takes a couple of years for a good number of decent games to appear. If someone buys the 3DS today, they get like one year out of it before Nintendo announces the successor in 2015 where you lose all your DS games (won’t be backward compatible with DS of course) and all your digital games. What a crock.

Everyone I’ve spoken to in my personal circle concerning their DSes and Wiis is having a terrible aftertaste to the Nintendo platforms. The hardware isn’t aging well (nothing like the NES, SNES, GBA, etc). Also, the games aren’t aging well. The NES games and most of the SNES games aged BEAUTIFULLY! Which would you rather play? Super Mario World or NSMB DS? NSMB DS isn’t aging well. I don’t think NSMB Wii is aging well either. So why did Super Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario World age well? I think it is the content. Gameplay decays, but content is forever.

Our hate emailer is likely going bonkers because when Nintendo posted their profitability loss, the tone concerning Nintendo suddenly matched the tone that has been on this site for a good while. Suddenly, things are crystallizing for people that with 3DS, the 3d was a mistake, that Wii U is goofy and certainly not a successor to Wii’s ‘expand the market’ strategy, that NSMB U is a mediocre 2d Mario, that despite that NSMB U is probably the best hardware moving game on the Wii U, that Pikmin 3 was a disaster and never should have been made, that Mario in 3d World isn’t moving hardware which is odd due to its massive budget and massive marketing investment, and that Zelda 3DS’s sales are showing it isn’t the ‘rise to heaven’ some people convinced themselves it would be. Much of what is happening today is aligning with what has been said on this site for the past year. The hatred is directed at me. If I was totally off, they would love me.

What is next is to see what strategy Nintendo will go with for Generation 9. From a logic business sense, Nintendo would go a NES/Wii/Gameboy/DS style of ‘expand the market’ strategy. However, Nintendo has not been making decisions from a logic business sense. I’m curious to see if Nintendo really will stubbornly cling to ‘Gamecube ideologies’ and rip the company to shreds. Someone has to stop Miyamoto before he destroys Nintendo.

So when I hear Nintendo musing that Retro should make a Donkey Kong 3d, I become enraged. It is not anger because it is a game I dislike (I did like the Metroid Primes. Retro could probably make a better Donkey Kong 3d than Miyamoto can make a 3d Mario). It is anger because this is the WRONG business decision. Donkey Kong 3d will not make the Wii U library more ‘interesting’ or make people wish to purchase the hardware. An IP not present on the system, including a brand new one, would be a logical choice.

I’ll tell you another reason why I don’t like the ‘Donkey Kong 3d’ move. Donkey Kong 3d really means ‘big, bloated budget’. We don’t need that. I wonder what the budget would be required to make a HD 2d Metroid? You don’t have to spend a bunch of money and a bunch of time to make cool games. What if Nintendo had a company make smaller games in faster time? Not everyone is anxious to just buy $60 games. And we also don’t want those download only smartphone-quality crap games. I want something with the simplicity and depth of a NES or SNES type game.

Nintendo’s ‘big’ games are so overshooting the audience. 3DS and Wii U games are so much less accessible than DS and Wii games.



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