Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 23, 2014

Email: Washington Roofs

“It’s a hipster roof. The vast majority of buildings in Washington state don’t have ‘living roofs’.”

Considering that the vast majority of office buildings in Washington state are not newly constructed, isn’t this a “duh”?  Isn’t this kind of like calling quad core PC CPUs “hipster” when the majority of PC CPUs are dual core?

People’s perceptions of cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, and New York are based mostly by marketing. The marketing image is that Seattle gets a ton of rain water. The reality is that it doesn’t.

 In fact, Seattle ranks 44th among major U.S. cities in average annual rainfall, getting approximately 38 inches annually.  Cities that get more rainfall than Seattle include such as Houston Texas (48 inches), New Orleans (60 inches), Mobile AL (65 inches), Memphis (52 inches), Nashville (48 inches), and pretty much every major city on the eastern seaboard, such as New York (43 inches), Philadelphia (41 inches), Miami (58 inches), and Boston (44 inches).

I live in Houston which receives a ton of rainfall. We don’t put plants on the roof. Why? Because it is stupid. Here, we perceive San Francisco, Seattle, and New York to be the ‘up-and-coming’ Detroits. Clayton Christensen agrees with Seattle and Silicon Valley becoming the next Detroit.

If you’re curious to know what lies in store for Seattle and Silicon Valley, spend a day walking around Detroit with the Ghost of Christmas Future. And to CEO search committees everywhere, in case you missed it, a great manager has just come on the market.

Why is it so hard to believe that Nintendo would waste money to do ‘cool’ ‘trendy’ things such as having a ‘living roof’? Look at Nintendo’s financial statement for the past few years. It tells the story of insanity.

With the freezing weather, they probably have to pay people to go and cover and ‘protect’ the living roof. I prefer my roofs to be dead. They are cheaper and better behaved.



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