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More on TERA Online

I’m going to pop in here and talk about TERA Online since I’ve now played it up to level 10 (which is probably barely scratching the surface).

I have played WoW when it was Vanilla at release and throughout all of Cataclysm. Vanilla WoW was one of my favorite video game experiences.  Already, there are some strong similarities with Vanilla WoW with there being 60 levels, with it actually taking a while to level, and the spontaneous world pvp is still there in some form.

TERA, as a game, uses the same exact WoW gameplay backbone. What I mean is that the questing system is the same. There are dungeons and battlegrounds. There exists a holy trinity for dungeons. (If you choose a DPS, you will have much longer queue times.) From what I’ve seen so far, TERA early levels are as much fun as WoW’s early levels. You WoW players know how it is where you do a few quests, and you have another quest that leads you to another area which is a hub for other quests as the game leads you to more difficult areas.

There are some things people say are minuses that I actually think are pluses. In WoW, you no longer go back to town to learn your new skill. In TERA, you still do. So if you are a retard, you get punished which I believe retards need to get punished more often in MMORPGs. I played a priest (Holy and Discipline) throughout Cataclysm. Healing was a little tricky then. But my biggest complaint was how the retard DPS players would just stand in the fire and die. (Then they’d blame ME for not keeping them alive through their stupidity.) In TERA, everyone knows how to move. You can’t progress in TERA without knowing how to move.

While the ‘action’ system in TERA is probably being oversold, you do always need to know where you are pointing and be able to move on a dime. You can’t just cycle through ‘combos’ and get ‘m4d skillz’ DPS numbers. For example, when I played WoW I was content to move around in the world using my mouse buttons with ‘forward’ and point the camera in the right direction. Here, I can’t do that. I have to be prepared to strafe. Since I’m not a wasd user but more of an arrow key user, my left hand hovers over the arrow keys or numeric pad instead of being at the left side of the keyboard like WoW.

While it is definitely one the company’s marketing videos, it does a good job of showing the combat system. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to the ‘tab’ style again.

Now here is a funny video that I found myself nodding about over what I disliked with WoW. Keep in mind I have hardly played TERA, and I do not intend to be one of those douchbags saying ‘this MMO is the new awesome! WoW is teh lameness!’ WoW is awesome. But WoW is also ten years old. And I still don’t know what the quality of TERA is except that I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far.

The video is obviously years old. In WoW, you can do things with your pets. And TERA does have full raiding (not 5 man as peak endgame).

I haven’t played Guild Wars 2 so perhaps this video might be helpful to those that have. Geez, what a long video.

TERA Online is more of a F2P Next Gen WoW with a combat system where you have to aim and dodge (and female characters are of Lara Croft perfection with skimpy clothing). It gets its money through selling aesthetic gear, extra bank slots, mounts, and other stuff.

TERA does use the Unreal Engine 3. Be warned about system requirements. My computer is pretty aged, and I’m running on minimal settings.

Ancient computer I’m using:

Duo CPU 2.8 GHz, 3.5 RAM GB Ram, Windows XP (I know, I know!), GeForce GT 620

32 GB of harddrive space is required.

If your computer is less than that, you’re going to run into some problems. One thing that greatly helps me is that I run a clean computer (perhaps it was due to my DOS days of setting up boot disks and tweeking the damn autoexe.bat). I don’t have anti-virus software, malware, or other crap. This isn’t a Blizzard game that will run well on a low spec or unclean system. But the game isn’t a resource pig.

I’m playing a mystic so I’ll let you know how repetitive the game gets (leveling a mystic will be the most boring of all the classes).

From what I’ve seen so far, I give TERA a thumbs up. This is probably THE WoW alternative.

Here’s a PVP video:

Apparently, they are adding a new class this year for TERA. I thought it’d be like a ninja or monk. Well, that… is… different… New area and tier too? Hmm… You know the company made the class Elim exclusive just to give a middle finger to critics complaining about the loligirls.

And girls do love to play Tera. The only people I see complaining about the sexy girls in Tera are… well… extremely nerdy guys.



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