Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 26, 2014

Email: TERA looks like a mix of WoW and Monster Hunter

Hi Master Malstrom,

Reading your last couple posts about TERA and watching the videos, especially that combat video made by the game developers, makes me see TERA as a mix of WoW and Monster Hunter.  It has the big open world with lots of monsters and lore that WoW had, while using a manual combat system like MH.
I haven’t played WoW but watching other people play it looks kind of boring because the players are usually just standing still fighting a big monster or just following a player in PvP and holding down a mouse button or cycling through keys on the keyboard; could be wrong though, like I said I haven’t played it.  MH’s combat was fun for me because I have to focus on positioning and aiming, though it’s clunky when first starting out.  MH was also fun for me because the different weapon classes had totally different play styles.  MH suffered in content though because there’s only so many monsters, and most monsters belong to a “type” where monsters of that type share moves and patterns.  So playing through the game is fun, but at the end it sucks because of lack of content.
TERA looks like the best of both worlds: large universe filled with content and lore, plus a fun action-style combat system.  Also, you made a comment about the game being “out there” and “this has to be some Korean game.” It’s definitely Korean because I know the characters/text in the Reaper video are Korean characters.


I haven’t played much of Monster Hunter. I wouldn’t compare TERA to Monster Hunter though. There is a MMO being made that is deliberately trying to be a MMO Monster Hunter. The game is called RaiderZ.

RaiderZ has some problems (aside from the dopey name with the Z at the end). The game puts DRM crap on your computer, has system problems, and generally is an unpolished mess. However, the game is still new. Maybe it will all be fixed in time.

I don’t really look for games that have an A, B, or C of what I want. I really look to see if it is polished. I can have fun in nearly any game so long as it is polished. Most games aren’t polished and many more games think they are polished but aren’t. From what I’ve played of TERA, I can say that it is as polished as a game as WoW is (which is amazing as it is F2P). Even if a reader downloads TERA and doesn’t like it, they will admit that the game is very much ‘full gamey’. Very polished graphics, sound, atmosphere, quests, and so on. If an Unreal Engine 3 game is running fine on my terrible computer, then it has its shit in order. I’m so sick of PC games that don’t have their shit together.

RaiderZ is also free, but I hear so much in complaints concerning its ‘not readiness’. Download that at your own risk.

I really need to investigate Korean gaming more. Japanese gaming is mostly consoles with little PC. It is opposite in Korea with most gaming being PC and little with consoles.



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