Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 29, 2014

Email: DKC: TF always had a blank Gamepad screen

I don’t think DKC should indicate to anyone that Nintendo is planning to offer a Wii U SKU without the GamePad.

DKC: Tropical Freeze has always had zero use of the GamePad screen (unless you instruct the game to play Off-TV), even before Nintendo’s wishful-thinking hail mary combo of 3D Mario (on a system where not even 2D Mario is moving very many systems!), Wind Waker, and Wii Fit tanked spectacularly.At E3, they only allowed you to play with the GamePad at designated “Off-TV” stations where the TV only displayed an icon telling you to look at the screen. If you were going to play on the TV, you used a Wii Remote and Nunchuk. They did this for Pikmin also (they had no demos of Off-TV Play on the main floor), but showed how the GamePad would display the map screen.

This tells me that not only is there no GamePad functionality when playing on the TV, but they planned not to include anything well in advance of E3.
I would wager this has something to do with Retro Studios being somewhat isolated from the internal philosophies that pollute NCL. They know the GamePad can’t be used in DKC in any way that won’t be a distraction, so they disable the screen completely. (Which is the opposite of the EAD method of cramming the GamePad in so that it is always mirroring the TV or used for totally throwaway functions like making platforms appear in Mario.)
I don’t think it has anything to do with possibly releasing a cheaper no-GamePad SKU. (Though that, of course, still could and should happen.) I suspect that if the GamePad goes, backward compatibility will go with the next system. If they were to include Wii U BC, they might as well include Wii BC because most of the hardware will be compatible with Wii games anyway. But if there is no real incentive to bring the GamePad over, they will probably just axe BC entirely. Too bad. They were making strides with their account system.
By the way, I wouldn’t recommend Monster Hunter, especially if you were easily bored by Dark Souls. I tried getting into Tri on Wii but gave up because I got sick of how many tutorials and boring grinding elements got in the way of actually fighting the monsters. Then I tried Ultimate on Wii U (the massive amount of content dragged me in) but gave up again because even though the game moves you forward faster the grinding is still boring – and completely necessary because you need to exploit the game’s loot system to get better equipment.

You make good points.

I really didn’t like Monster Hunter after I tried out the Wii demo (remember that disc?). I hadn’t tried a full game though.

I’m about to hang up Tera Online and experiment with some other games. It’s always good to try out new things.  (And old games. I have had a strange hankering to play Age of Empires II lately. I know there is the HD version, but I think I’ll go with the old school version.)



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