Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 29, 2014

Email: Offshore Languages

Hey Master Malstrom.

I will soon, thanks to your very influential posts  become an electro-mechanical technician.
I attend to classes at a great technical  institution down here in Brazil, Named SENAI, which is supported by the world industry.
After I’m done with the classes I intend to enter the energy industry (oil, preferably).
Anyway, I just want to let you know that  English is very much required to get in the oil industry down here in Brazil, unless you want to work for Petrobras,  of which  half   is owned by the Government. I actually have a friend who is a great mechanic and works for an oil company in the north of Rio de Janeiro state , and he was only able to get the job because of his ability to speak English, wich was obtained after living in the US for a few years. Yes, Portuguese is spoken down here, and yes, we are an oil producing nation, but being able to speak English is a must, if you want to enter the oil industry here in Brazil, Portuguese, not so much. Lol.
Again: thanks very, very much for influencing my life in such a positive way. I love what I do.  I hope to see you in Houston someday (I’ve been there actually, amazing city).
Best regards

Interesting. And due to safety concerns, being able to speak fluently the language is a must (from what I understand).

I wish I could be the fly in the wall in some limp wristed nerd reading this site who is freaking out over you calling Houston an ‘amazing city’. Houston, of course, is the ‘capital’ in the oil industry. But to many others, they make strange faces when you mention Houston. “Where’s that out? In the south?”  (They then look horrified.)



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