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Email: Last QA with investors

Hi Master M. 

What to think about that last Q&A session ? I’m wondering.On the one hand, you have Iwata saying they are aiming for a unified account for all your systems on the Nintendo Network, which sounds like a good step towards the account system you’ve been talking about.


Iwata also talked about getting closer to the health world, something which they have already started with Wii Fit and Brain Training. That sounds like a double-edged sword to me. It can mean “more expanded audience software”, which is good, or it can mean “more non game related software based on crappy stuff and prejudices because we at Nintendo cannot think things straight”. See what I mean… ?


On the other hand, there was some talk about games not using the gamepad enough on Wii U, and this sounds like “gamers don’t understand us, let’s make them get it”, which is absolute modern Nintendo, and some talk about merchandising, digital merchandising, and more Nintendo characters in spim-off games, which means less chances to have new IPs.


Some of those things actually sond good, but they are tempered by the usual bullsh*t they have been giving us those past years… I think they have some reason somewhere, and that is good news, but not enough yet.
So it is still too soon for them to take my money again.


I haven’t read the QA yet. I’ve only read Iwata’s presentation.


With the health software, I would look at it from the context of ‘Quality of Life’. The entire purpose of Nintendo is to add quality to life (in an entertainment way). Nintendo’s purpose is not to ‘get 3d to work’ or explore the director’s creativity, it is to put out stuff that adds quality to our lives. Quality video games are one way of doing that. We’ll have to see what Nintendo does on this though. I need to see a product.


I don’t see the ‘make use of the gamepad more’ as a vindictive move. The Wii U platform has failed. The only thing Iwata can do with it is to make it as memorable platform as possible. This isn’t going to be done with stripping away Wii U’s uniqueness. The platform was all wrong. However, now is not the time to re-invent the hardware setup. They have to make do with the hardware they have. For example, the NLC (whatever) scanner in the Gamepad might as well be used instead of it just sitting there doing nothing.


Go back to the Gamecube. When it was clear the Gamecube was a failure, Nintendo supported it as well as they could while they focused on the Wii. Many non-customers, such as myself, are waiting to see how Nintendo treats its Wii U customers. I was very displeased how Nintendo treated its Wii customers at the end of that lifecycle.


As for the bigger picture of it all, Iwata did two things that must be acknowledged:


1) He gave the ‘Nintendo must go to mobiles!’ crowd a middle finger. He said Nintendo will never change. He made them all his bitch.


2) He told us of the QOL platform. It might be good. It might be bad. But we know it is Blue Ocean and Anti-Hardcore.


Iwata’s conference pissed off all the right people. This is a good indicator. The people who kept saying how Nintendo should go third party are screaming at rage at the moment. Nintendo refuses to ‘obey’ them. Of the many years I’ve had this blog, I’ve noticed when Nintendo does a right decision that these certain critics go into hysterical mania. I remember after the NSMB Wii reveal that certain people could not stop their hate for the game. Why? Because they were Sony or Microsoft supporters and understood the power of 2d Mario. I remember before the Wii launched of all the hate mail I would get about talking of Blue Ocean and disruption. Why would people put out so much hate over a game company about to go ‘third party’ from the Gamecube and whose ‘Revolution’ was destined to fail? “The lady doth protest too much!”


Why are certain critics so enraged over Nintendo’s new strategy? They’re enraged because Nintendo defies them and that Nintendo might come back. These critics were enraged at the Wii’s success if you remember. Note that success in the Blue Ocean doesn’t take away from other products. Wii’s success didn’t take away from PS3 or Xbox 360. So why are they so furious? Why the satanic hatred?


Anyways, I have to be up within four hours, so time for bed.


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