Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 1, 2014

Women love sexy girls in video games

TERA Online is the proof. TERA Online is a unique MMORPG where no one has any pants.

The above video is no exaggeration. Yet, women LOVE this game! It is the exact opposite certain ‘groups’ and critics say. I imagine TERA Online appeals to women since it is like Barbie but with fantasy dragons and magic. Another advantage to the female gamers of TERA Online is that the male players are handicapped as most are playing the game with one hand.

While I might be suffering from the Robert Heinlein disease as he got older, I am just amazed this game even exists. No one would have made it in the West. And TERA is too ‘westernized’ to appeal much in Korea. This game is really good illustration how the ‘women will be offended by female characters wearing bikini armor’ type thinking is all wrong. One can say that TERA has gone too far to the point of parody, but sales tend to be better on too much sex appeal as opposed to too little.

I’m pretty much done with TERA. There are two big problems with this game to me. The land is not memorable. In WoW, you remember the Barrens, Feralas, Stranglethorn, and the rest. There is nothing memorable about TERA’s world. Nothing makes me want to explore it. Nothing about the game teases my imagination (aside from the pants-less slot female characters). (A good video that somewhat shows the mystery of WoW’s landscape is this 2005 video.) The other issue is that the game does all the typical MMORPG elements found in WOW. With someone with less time, this throws me off and fills the game with people who have too much time (namely younger players). It’s a great F2P MMORPG, and I’ll leave it on my computer as I think I’ll return to it to try a different class. But it is just… a MMORPG with all the trappings that a MMORPG has.

But the girls can’t get enough of the game.



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