Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 5, 2014

Hardcore gaming is just a giant social scam

Articles like this point out how modern gaming has become a giant scam. But they don’t go far enough.

Once upon a time, the Game Industry was defined by games. Today, it is defined by ‘industry’. Games are just a foil to make more ‘industry’. Pretty much every ‘hardcore game’ is a scam. In fact, the ‘hardcore gamer’ is just marketing bullshit to make dupes feel proud for being mesmerized by hype and spending tons of money on ‘collector’s edition’ versions of games.

What is particularly chilling is that these social scams are not exclusive to the Game Industry. They are everywhere today. You think that 401k the company offering you is actually going to be given to you? Ho ho ho! They’re going to try not to give it to you.

The purpose of a video game is to be a video game. The video game is not supposed to ‘leverage’ you or to ‘juice’ you. The games the article writer mentions that are doing it right, such as Minecraft, are not considered ‘hardcore’. Notch was faced with a dilemma. He said that people who bought the alpha or beta when the game was cheaper would not have to pay when the game went completed. There must have been much pressure on him and temptation to change this decision. However, he said, “I must stick to my word.” Notch is wealthier for not trying to leverage the consumer like that.

Everyone these days is a ‘business whiz’. But the 101s I’ve heard about business from those very successful at it has been to treat your employees and your customers like HUMAN BEINGS. This moral sloth doomed Atari and will doom such companies. If you wish to prosper, allow your customer to prosper.



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