Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 6, 2014

Email: Article attacking fanboys

Here is an article. It attacks Nintendo fanboys. I think it is wrong in the motivation – attacking Nintendo fanboys and blaming them as the reason third parties suck on Nintendo.

So the people who buy Nintendo products are Nintendo’s problem? Hahaha. What a rambling incoherent mess of an ‘article’.

Here’s a pattern we’ve seen for three generations of Nintendo (N64, GameCube, Wii, and even the Wii U so far, so four generations):  The console launches, it has initially strong 3rd party support, and its initial sales are quite decent (okay, so this part doesn’t appeal to the Wii U).

The Wii had weak third party support at the start that grew much stronger as the console became popular. Then there are the Nintendo handhelds which only grow in the third party support until the end of their lifespan.

This appears to be precisely because Nintendo fanboys tend not to support third party games and in that regard, end up harming Nintendo as a whole by driving them off. 

Wii sold a ton of third party software. Of course, the handheld consoles also sell third party software. It’s too bad facts interfere with the ‘narrative’ he’s trying to peddle.

The truth is that Nintendo is the only console company that doesn’t require third party support in order to carve out an install base. We saw this with the NES, with the Wii, and with all the handhelds. This makes Nintendo independent of the Game Industry and unable to be leveraged.

Third parties also aren’t doing so hot on Sony and Microsoft’s systems outside a few big companies. What happened to those mid-sized game companies? Why is console gaming now a Latino divide of poor games (indie) and super rich games (few AAA companies)?

OK, I see now this isn’t a Game Informer article. This is just a crappy blog from a member on that site. Note the absence of any by-line.

Emailer, don’t send me trash ‘posing’ as an article.



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