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Email: The core of hardcore are denial of sales

No matter what, they will never ever admit to the idea that Sales are indicative of a quality title. Or at least a title that does a job that needs doing. This is almost like a core ‘Tenet’ of theirs. Often they talk as if this is a given, and if questioned they cite popular but ‘bad’ games as examples against. But these are just games they don’t like.
 (And what they don’t like is as ridiculous as what they do, sometimes taking a 180 and saying ‘I hate Minecraft’ when they played the alpha for countless hours)

Often though, harcore gamers will disagree with each other as well. They all have their niche tastes, most of which have nothing to do with content and have more to do with ‘mechanics’. Then they all go and make countless message forums and have ‘thoughtful discussion’ on which mechanics are ‘right’. Since they have no true standards, they are constantly manipulated by marketers. This is in contrast to that ‘silent standard’ of intelligent buyers who aren’t obsessed with games.
If they could just let go, and at least reason that there’s SOMETHING good to be found in popular titles, that would be a fundamental first step towards improvement. But the truth is that their values are different, and this sentiment is masked by the ‘sales isn’t quality’ idea. They just care way too much about video games for reasons unknown to me.   :-l

When we talk about sales, what we are really talking about is profitability. It used to be all video games were around the same price and costed around the same to be made. Therefore, the ones that sold the most were the ones that made the most money. This is no longer the case.

If a game is given away for free and makes little to no money yet ‘sold’ gazillions, was it successful? Of course not. Game prices are all over the place. Game budgets are also all over the place. GTA V needs to sell more copies in order to gain the same amount of profit as a cheaper game that sells less.
The problem with discussing profitability is that no one has any numbers. All we have are sales numbers so we have to go based on that.

If 3d Mario and Aonuma Zelda weren’t so expensive and take so long to make, I wouldn’t have any problem with them. But they are extremely expensive projects which don’t push the hardware as cheaper budget games like 2d Mario does. Currently, the hardly-core are blaming Wii Fit U for Wii U’s sales slowdown. How expensive was it to make Wii Fit U? Doesn’t really cost anything to update that game. To the contrary, how expensive was Pikmin 3 which BOMBED? Pikmin 3 was a very expensive game to make. The difference is that Wii Fit has proved that it can push hardware numbers, Pikmin never has. It makes BUSINESS SENSE to make more Wii Fit. It makes NO sense to make more Pikmin. In the same way, Aonuma Zelda and 3d Mario are not just big budget games that fail to push hardware, they have NEVER pushed the hardware in ALL of their iterations! Yet, Nintendo keeps making them! It makes sense for Nintendo to make a sequel to a game that pushed the hardware or a brand new type of game. But it makes no business-sense as to why they keep making sequels to a series that has never pushed the hardware. It would be as if Nintendo kept making Kid Icarus games. Nintendo has shown they will stop making games like Starfox and F-Zero when their sales dry up, yet 3d Mario and Aonuma Zelda get omitted. Why is this? The only explanation is a non-commercial one. All I have as theory is a sick, sick obsession for 3d or ‘puzzles’ coming from the Nintendo development side. What else explains the insanity?

Hardcore gamers act as the ‘Gaming Police’ on the Internet. *whistle blows* “Stop! This is the Gaming Police! That game you are playing, Super Mario Brothers 3, is not a REAL GAME. Play Call of Duty for that is a REAL GAME.” Something like that was actually said to me when a friend walked in on me playing Super Mario Brothers 3. I replied, “I AM playing a REAL VIDEO GAME.” For nearly two decades, I had to endure the ‘gaming police’ declare that 2d Mario should never be made again. When it found success on the DS, then I heard that 2d Mario should only stay on handhelds and should NEVER come to the home console. It appeared on home console to great success.

The hardcore act as ‘Gaming Police’ and say this game is ‘worthy’ and that game is ‘not worthy’. Minecraft was laughed at until it was everywhere. Even now, people try to pretend the game doesn’t exist. Look at the response to games like Wii Sports, Brain Age, or Wii Fit. “Those aren’t ‘real games’.” Then don’t play them. Yet, the ‘hardcore’ crap over anyone’s gaming fun if it is not ‘approved’ by them.

The hardcore is the phase of the dying gamer. The hardcore crapped on Super Mario Brothers calling it not a ‘real game’ compared to those awesome Commodore 64 games. Tetris was considered a ‘stupid game’. They never stopped whining about Brain Age or Wii Fit or Wii Sports.

As the Age of Deflation drowns us all, the hardcore aren’t going to get the games they want anymore. Join me, reader, in my ark full of gaming’s classics. Listen to the hardcore treading water outside as they scream and beg to be let in. The demise of the Wii U and ‘omg 3DS’ is the demise of the Hardcore. The collapse of so many gaming studios is a collapse of the Hardcore. The hardcore gamer is today an anachronism of an era where economic plenty allowed consumer eccentricity.
And we shall inherit the market!



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