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Email: Metroid theory is a real possibility

I also thought that one of the reasons why somethings don’t sell is because of how it is portrayed as being lame.  I stopped playing games quite sometime ago, I believe 4-5 years ago when things seem static.  When you mentioned how wii sports and wii fit was so cool and awesome without the nintendo ip, you are definitely correct.   If you’re ever in public or around people and they ask what sports game you play.  don’t ever mention anything like mario golf or mario tennis.  When they hear that, people will stop talking to you, even those geeky gamer girls.  I do believe you are correct about anything that has a nintendo ip is likely an indication to the audience that it is lame.
With metroid, I notice that it is on the border of being lame.  From the release of metroid other m to the very simple metroid zero, it’s on the way to being a lame game.  Metroid prime was an awesome game that came close to a real metroid game.
I got diablo 3 during the holidays for $40.  I played as the wizard as my first character.  It’s a fun game that comes close to world of warcraft without having to worry about stat points and assigning skill points.  During the character creation, I noticed how the male character looks like a milhouse [character from simpson] or a poindexter, while the female character looks badass.  How could I ever create a character that looks like Lester the unlikely?  if one had to pick a character to play, would it rather be red sonja or lester the unlikely?  Upto this day, I have not created a male wizard for the reason that he just looks so lame.

It’s curious how the Nintendo IP today is ‘teh lameness’ where it once used to be ‘the awesome’. I’ve noticed that when people talk about ‘teh lameness’ of Nintendo, they always point to the more modern games. However, when they talk about the Nintendo IP in an appreciative way, they refer to the Old School.

You don’t see 3d Mario being parodied, do you? I don’t see it being parodied anywhere!

Mario is still ‘cool’ to parody. However, only classic Mario is parodied.

When I remember Zelda, I remember everyone thinking Zelda was cool. No one thought Zelda was lame. Everything changed with Wind Waker though.

Remember when Twilight Princess was unveiled?

I don’t think that people are responding so much that it is a Zelda game, but it is a Zelda game without ‘teh lame’ (as Wind Waker had). The trailer makes the game look epic. And even I enjoyed Twilight Princess despite the game’s flaws. I understand Twilight Princess sold well in the West but didn’t sell well in Japan. Nintendo then makes Wind Waker sequels for the DS and NO ONE buys those games.  Skyward Sword? Yawn.

This brings to mind a good post. Let’s talk about when Nintendo had an ‘edge’ to their games.



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