Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 17, 2014

Email: Taste in women

How about some something a bit more anonymous for Valentine’s Day – describing your taste in women?

Another example of the crazy type of emails I get.

This is a great email to highlight a sickness in society. Imagine a single woman who turns guys down. Everyone will fall over themselves to ask her, “What type of guy do you want?” and then they might even go and try to find that type of guy.  The guys might wonder, “Why doesn’t she have a boyfriend or husband?” Now imagine a single guy who turns girls down. Never once will they ask him “What type of girl do you want?” (I’ve never been asked that in my entire life.) Instead, they will whisper, “What is wrong with him?” The single girl will not even wait for people to ask her what she wants in a guy. She will volunteer her laundry list of what she wants in a guy. “He must be this, and that, and la la, and ta ta…”

Some of the readers are not from the United States. Here, it is seen as if the guy is in a prison line going through the chow hall. He doesn’t get to CHOOSE what food he gets. Why, he should be grateful for any food he gets at all! This is why you see all these disqualified American women thinking they can get a guy of their choosing. What do I mean by disqualifications? I mean being REALLY OLD, being FAT, having unfeminine short hair, having a feminist attitude, and having bastard children. (The equivalent for a disqualified man would be REALLY OLD, still living with mommy, poor, short, being unmasculine, and being a nice guy.)

My taste is that I like women who are happy to BE women. I don’t want her to be a man. I’ve already got the man stuff covered. I expect her to be THE WOMAN. I wear the pants. She wears the dress.

I can already hear the hate mail. “How DARE HE say he prefers women to enjoy being a woman.” But to the offended women out there, let me ask you this: don’t you prefer a man who enjoys being a man?

Young men try so hard because earlier than 25 it seems like women have all the power. But everything flips when you get older. Women also like older men so you attract even 18 year olds. There is just too much surplus. Since I have finite time, you have to qualify them. When you qualify them, the women become even more attracted. Let me give an example. Last semester at an engineering campus while waiting for a class to start, there was this stunning beauty queen type girl moseying about. Very long hair. Gorgeous. You can’t keep your eyes off her. The oil guys I was with were paralyzed. “She is soooo pretty!” I told them they should talk to her. They chickened out. So to show them how it is done, I went over and talked to her. I was really curious how such a pretty lady was at an engineering school (pretty ladies are not normally at engineering schools). What was she taking? She had no idea. “Like math and science and stuff, ya!” I thanked her, told her good-bye, and walked away. Life is too short for me to deal with idiots. A girl has to be smart enough to have a decent conversation. She seemed very surprised that I would end the conversation and walk away. Later on, she would follow me around hoping I would talk to her again. Too bad. Other girls then see this pretty girl seemingly orbiting this guy, and they become curious about the guy. Women snowball around a guy.

Most women aren’t fun. They go blah, blah, blah all day over their reality TV shows, and I want to stab my eye with a fork. To answer your question, my taste is that they enjoy being a woman and are fun to be around.



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