Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 19, 2014

Email: PC Gaming

Hey Malstrom

With PC sales declining would that mean that PC games sales would decline also? because if it is I don’t see it, Minecraft, Terraria and even that Dayz game (that sold a million in pre-Alpha) all seem to be doing pretty well. Plus with smartphones and tablets outselling PCs would that mean iOS and Android gaming would replace PC gaming?

Just curious to know what you think since you have a good perspective on PC gaming

This isn’t a good email. First of all, Minecraft is on consoles, and the console version has, or will soon, outsell the PC version.

iOS and Android gaming do not REPLACE PC gaming, they ARE PC gaming. iOS and Android are to PC gaming as DS and PSP are to home consoles. Smart phones and tablets are personal computers. They are simply a mobile form of personal computers.

Observe how PC game companies are behaving. Blizzard is designing games more for consoles and mobile PCs. Valve Corporation keeps putting out ‘Steam machines’. Go to a computer store such as Best Buy. Observe how much floor space is given to the home PC. It keeps shrinking.

I think gaming and productivity will keep the PC going. Home use, however, will be replaced more by tablets.



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