Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 27, 2014

Blizzard and Diablo 3

Can you believe that Blizzard? In response to negative reactions to Diablo 3…

-They have PROMOTED Jay “Fuck that loser!” Wilson. Now the entire Diablo franchise is Whatever-Jay-Wilson-Says-It-Is. The Jay Wilson said that Diablo 1 and 2 were ‘poopy games’ and nowhere near as good as Diablo 3. Therefore, it must be so because The Jay Wilson said it was. All disagreement is settled. The matter has been decided.

-All you people who don’t like Diablo 3 just don’t understand its brilliance. There were a couple threads on the nearby hardcore gaming message forum that talked about the glory of the Diablo 3. You need to study those threads and understand how much better the Diablo 3 is to anything else you think.

-All delays to features, such as the PvP feature that took FOREVER to come out, Blizzard issued a statement: “Please understand…”

-The upcoming Diablo 4 will only be done with the Oculus Rift because The Jay Wilson likes the 3d. If you don’t like the 3d, then you need to educate yourself on the next great advance of video games. The Jay Wilson is never wrong. He is a Game God after all.

-Blizzard also made an announcement that all major marketing decisions will be made by Jay Wilson. Is there anything he can’t do?

-There will be NO FIX to the franchise. Remember that Diablo now belongs to The Jay Wilson. Whatever he says is what goes. Whatever Jay Wilson’s taste in art style, difficulty, and story will be The Way It Is. You are not allowed to disagree. If your tastes do not align with The Jay Wilson, then you are an uncultured heathen who does not understand what makes a good game.

Now, the reader might be reading this and wondering, “What in goofjuice is Malstrom smoking?” I’m doing nothing more than applying Nintendo Logic to a Diablo context. If Diablo was a Nintendo franchise, the above is exactly what would have happened. After all, it is what is occurring in Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. Since Blizzard does not come from a moonbeam from the heavens, it does not have angels as game developers. Therefore, mistakes occur. Blizzard removed Jay Wilson and put others in charge to fix the franchise. Nintendo keeps the failure and then blames the customers that they need to ‘understand’ how the great vision.

Sakamoto is still in control of Metroid despite the atrocious Metroid: Other M (and the disappointing Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion). Why is the Metroid franchise even GIVEN to Sakamoto in the first place? Retro sold more Metroid than Sakamoto ever will.

Aonuma pisses on Classic Zelda, refuses to do anything fantasy fiction related which Zelda was originally based in, and creates a Zelda team around ‘puzzles’ and shit. Zelda belongs to Aonuma, and he does whatever he wants to it. If Zelda goes into the bomba bin? Doesn’t matter. Aonuma is promoted. It is the consumer who is blamed.

And let’s not get started on Miyamoto and his sick, sick obsession with 3d.

Gamers were right to be negative to Blizzard after Diablo 3. Blizzard has taken this time to address many of the gamers’ concerns. Imagine if Blizzard didn’t. Imagine how someone like me feels with Nintendo’s behavior regarding Sakamoto, Aonuma, and Miyamoto. We saw just how fast Blizzard’s reputation was falling based just on one product. Now you can see a parallel with Nintendo. However, Nintendo was much higher up. And Nintendo is still falling.

The Wii U doesn’t sell. Miyamoto: “The games are good. I don’t know why the Wii U isn’t selling.” Of course, it is the games. No one wants to buy the console to get to the games. Yet, we have a legion of those who keep thinking games like Pikmin and 3d Mario and Wind Waker will be the keys to mass market sales. At least the 2d platformers have had prior success in mass market sales, Miyamoto’s “favorite games” never had any success at all. Yet, Nintendo keeps making them thinking that everyone will just magically buy them one day.

Forgetting Niintendo for a moment, I have been playing the Loot 2.0 patch for Diablo 3. I got my Demon Hunter and played (I have all classes at level 60). I used to play my Demon Hunter like a Diablo-esque Ikaruga. “Fire.” “Fire.” “Dodge.” “Dodge.” “Change color to Shadow.” “Absorb.” Repeat. Blizzard’s balance changes have really ruined my glass cannon. Regardless, I kept playing.

I played last part of Act I from the jail to Butcher with the Festering Woods thrown in there at the beginning. I received several upgrades and even a legendary. Now, I had received legendaries before during vanilla Diablo 3. Legendaries used to be very rare and very worthless. This one was an upgrade to me.

Is Loot 2.0 fixing the game? The verdict is still out on that. What I really like is the end to Nephalim Armor. It used to be that each elite pack you killed gave you some of the Nephalim Armor (a buff). Get five which maximized the amount of stuff that would drop. However, if you changed your skills, ALL your Nephalim Armor would be lost. If you lost your internet connection for a second, ALL your Nephalim Armor would be lost as well.  It is really refreshing to just do whatever with your skills and not worry about the stupid Nephalim Armor. I really like that I don’t have to play for 20 minutes before the game actually begins. The skills have been rebalanced so the ‘cookie cutter’ designs no longer appear. But we’ll have to see how that goes in time.

The Loot 2.0 has ‘smart loot’ which drops stuff more specific to your class.  While more stuff is dropping, it makes me feel as if the smart loot also makes sure not to drop anything that is ‘too far’ above your current gear. The hamster wheel spins but at a crawl. Imagine if all the stuff you get is +1 to Whatever You Have. I have to hold judgement on the Loot 2.0 for now.

Is the game more fun to play? Yes.



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