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Email: Now the puzzle (lol) is complete

Greetings Master Malstrom:

So it seems we finally got some interesting info on Anouma:
It also happens to be the first game designed by Eiji Aonuma, now world-famous for his work on the Zelda series.
Oh, the first game Aonuma made! Surely it’s groundbreaking:

It’s also obvious the game takes a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, an influence Aonuma himself acknowledged. The progression in Marvelous is rather similar and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the development simply reused the third Zelda game’s engine. The most noticeable difference, though, is the clear emphasis on puzzle-solving rather than combat, which is a most welcomed fresh take on the usual action-adventure formula of the era.

So… It’s been puzzles since the beginning.
The problem, however, is that the puzzles are somewhat uneven. The whole time-traveling mechanic used in the second chapter, for example, is pretty fun and engaging, but a lot of the smaller riddles are often uncreative overall and sometimes almost purposeless. Many of them are no more complicated than making you pick something with the Search System, then do what you’re obviously required to do with it, which is quite problematic for what is, before all, an adventure game.
Also, it seems he hasn’t changed in all these years. How come someone like him got the keys to the most important franchise?

Good find. The fact that it is coming from a site called ‘hardcoregaming101’ reinforces the point. Zelda was never about puzzles. If puzzles are so great, how come no one uses them? Action RPG is all the rage these days (it has always been the rage). You have Diablo 3 and its clones. You have FPS games trying to be RPGs. Zelda used to be THE definitive arcade RPG. Other games are trying to fill the void. I’m more curious of who plays Aonuma Zelda aside from children. Maybe women? Either way, the sales aren’t showing growth.

And to the observer from Nintendo assigned to monitor this website, no, we aren’t going to shut up about it. We watched Nintendo take Zelda, which was the golden franchise, and then completely turned it into something different, and look in amazement how Nintendo wonders why Zelda no longer sells hardware but why the brand has collapsed. Aonuma was never qualified for Zelda. The blame goes to Shigeru Miyamoto who has proven himself to be a extremely poor manager of Nintendo franchises. He destroyed Mario by insisting it be 3d and only 3d. He destroyed Zelda by handing it over to the unqualified Aonuma and allowed him to make Zelda into crappy Marvelous games with Zelda characters. Starfox has been destroyed. F-Zero has been destroyed. Pilotwings appears to have been destroyed. Wii Sports and Wii Fit are on the road to being destroyed.

How much has Diablo 3 sold? 15 million last count. Add in the other ARPG games, and you have many millions more. And how much is Zelda selling? It’s not just the ‘puzzles’, it is also the content. This is why you don’t trust a guy who spent his college making wooden dolls. Lo-Rule my ass. After Ocarina of Time, the content of Zelda games are beyond terrible. The monsters suck. The bosses are not memorable. The landscapes are dull. Decades of assuming Miyamoto is a ‘genius’ who can do ‘no wrong’ has wreaked havoc on Nintendo creating a long term cancer whose ‘fruits’ are being seen clearly with each new day.



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