Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 6, 2014

Email: Miyamoto is in the wrong position

Reading through your recent blogs and looking at the current state of Nintendo’s software is telling me that Miyamoto is definitely in the wrong position at the company. It strikes me that he is the type that should be working under someone with some real market knowledge, not being in charge of others.

While Miyamoto has come up with quirky, wonderful ideas in the past, it was Yamauchi that was the one who was able to understand which ideas should go to completion and which shouldn’t. Now that Miyamoto is in the position that he is, he is able to do whatever batshit insane thing he likes with no one to reign him in. Since Japanese culture is so geared towards respecting those in a senior position, no one under Miyamoto would ever dream of questioning him. While Iwata is his boss, Miyamoto is his senior in game industry experience terms, so Iwata will never reign in Miyamoto either.

Miyamoto needs to either retire or be put in a different position. Either that or that new intellectual property that Nintendo says he’s working on better be something to rival the brilliance of Wii Fit.

I wouldn’t take what I am saying so literally. I don’t really know what is going on inside Nintendo’s closed doors. What I do know is this:

-Software is what sells the hardware.

Wii U and 3DS hardware is not performing.

Therefore, the software is an issue.

Who is in charge of Nintendo’s software? That would be Miyamoto. Of course, Miyamoto never receives any criticism. With the N64, Gamecube, and Virtual Boy going down to flaming wrecks, you’d think there would be *some* criticism of him by now. But every software disappointment gets blamed on the marketers or the market and every software success gets Miyamoto praised. He has quite a tidy arrangement going on here.

“But Malstrom! But Malstrom! What about the hardware? Isn’t it underpowered? Doesn’t it have gimmicky elements? Certainly, that is to be blamed.”

It is. But who decides what hardware elements are present?

The software guys!

And who is in charge of the software? That’s right!

The reason why 3d is in the 3DS wasn’t because the hardware guys went “Oh oh, 3d is teh bomb!” 3D is in the 3DS because the software developers wanted it there. Software developers define what the hardware does. The Gamepad also came from the software side. At Nintendo, the purpose of the hardware is to play games. Therefore, the game makers define how the hardware’s purpose should be. The hardware guys do not get to tell the software developers what to do. Oh no.

As I understand it, Miyamoto was placed in charge for designing the 3DS. Miyamoto also was the decision maker of putting the D-pad lower and the stick higher.

I do not know the way out of Nintendo’s woes, but I do know it must include removing Miyamoto’s godhood. Can you believe that Miyamoto blames the Virtual Boy’s failure on the marketing? Man, if that Virtual Boy had better marketing, it would have been a huge success! Anyone who believes that is certifiable insane.

I guess that would explain why he thinks Aonuma is a ‘fantastic’ caretaker of the Zelda series and that we all secretly want 3d Mario, the non-sales of 3d Mario are people who really, really want to play but are put off by the ‘difficulty’ of the 3d. Miyamoto actually believes this.

I don’t know what to say about it. I just sit here shocked.



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