Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 6, 2014

Email: What exactly is a Nice Guy?

I saw you mentioned the word “nice guy” several times, I believe that is one of the terms that commonly used but lacking in definition, can you clearly? And what does that has to do with selfishness?

A ‘Nice Guy’ is a dud to women. If I call a woman’s boyfriend a ‘Nice Guy’, she gets very upset.

Just because a woman is married to a guy doesn’t mean she actually likes him. Most of the time, she sees the guy as a provider. She’ll calculate when to clean the guy out financially at divorce time or stay married and quietly have affairs behind his back. Men are so easy to manipulate because men have huge egos when it comes to the subject of women. Just by telling you this, many men’s egos will explode. Women will know it is the truth as will older men.

It is selfish because the Nice Guy is saying ‘I am what I am’ in the same context as a fat girl saying ‘I am what I am’ with no intention of improvement. Women and men are different. Women are more attracted to a man’s attitude than anything else. Nice Guys are selfish because they refuse to give up their repellent attitude.

In the business world, who is the Nice Guy? It is the employee. It is never the CEO. It is never the investors. It is never the entrepreneur. And what are people whose lives are stuck being employees? They are people who are stepped on and used by others. Nice Guy is another way of saying LOSER.

Disclaimer: This is how it is in the United States. In other continents, the situation may be very different.



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