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Email: Old Classic Arcade Games

So for a more lighthearted email you might enjoy.  I stopped by a frozen yogurt shop that recently opened in my town that similar to the Sweet Frog self serve shops you might have heard of.  You get a cup and fill it with your choice of yogurt and toppings then they charge by the ounce.  Kids love these places.   This one however had something that caught my eye.  Around the seating area were several tabletop arcade machines.  What these were, were a collection of classic 80s arcade games all only 25 cents a pop.  You stick in your quarter then can select from the main menu a ton of arcade classics.  I’m talking Pac Man, Galgala, Dig Dug, Frogger, Space Invaders, Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Xevious, Galaxians and a whole bunch more (sadly no Q*Bert).  Anyway with the 3 quarters I got in change from my yogurt purchase I sat and played Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac Man (which I think is far superior to the original) and Galgala.  I forgot how fun these were.  I will say though nothing comes close to the original cabinet and arcade stick.  The seats to these tabletop setups were sort of low and to get a good view I had to sit on my knees and the arcade stick itself felt a tad loose, but I still had fun.  When I died, I didn’t feel frustrated like I have with some modern games that try to have that old school feel (*coughMegaman9cough*).

I wish these machines were in every hotel lobby, ice cream shop, pizza parlor, etc.  Maybe people would see what games with value are like.  I would’ve stayed there all day if I hadn’t run out of quarters though I’d end up burning through my laundry money quickly as well as I’d feel guilty going in there to play the machines without buying yogurt.  Sadly I see a lot of kids asking their parents for a quarter and the parent saying no and thrusting their smartphone in their face to play some free to play garbage.  Don’t even get me started on those who compared free to play smartphone games to arcade machines.

Mega Man 9 was a complete failure. Capcom talked about how Mega Man 9 was selling very strongly, at first, but then really died. The game was not fun. Many gamers tried to hide the fact that the game wasn’t fun by saying, “The game is brutal for casuals. But not for da hardcore like me!” The game was clearly broken when compared to the originals. In the MM9 stage with the appearing blocks, which appeared in all the Mega Man games, there was no option around them. In other Mega Man games, there was a way. Mega Man 3 had Rush, Mega Man 2 had the special devices, and Mega Man 1 had the Magnet Beam. Mega Man 9 never felt like a spiritual sequel because the developers confused ‘old school’ to mean ‘frustration platformer’. Mega Man 9, therefore, has more in common with the terrible Mega Man 8 and its “Jump, Jump, Slide Slide”.

Capcom revealed that there was no company interest in making Mega Man 10 but there was creative interest. What was the creative interest? Why, it was the Mega Man 9 developers insisting THEY make robot masters themselves! So we get their ‘creativity’ such as ‘Sheep Man’ and other crap. Mega Man 10 was made, bombed, and the development team left. Mega Man series dies with Sheep Man.

For some reason, after typing that, I have a huge urge to play Mega Man 4. Why that one? I don’t know! I haven’t played it in a while. And it is WAY more fun than ‘hardcore gaming’.

Above: They don’t make music like this anymore!

Above: Dust Man’s Theme seems… interesting and unique to the NES hardware. I can’t imagine any console hardware making that initial ‘squeezed’ sound you hear at the beginning.

Above: I’ll let this be my theme as I hold my middle finger up to the ‘Game Industry’ and their AAA pieces of turd. The Game Industry can crash the gaming market, but the Game Industry cannot stop me from playing Mega Man IV.



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