Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 11, 2014

Email: Explaining PS4 strong sales

I believe it can be explained exactly by the shrinking market, as there’s no more room for a war. That’s a very different generation than others because this won’t be a generation marked by a fight between companies.

Let’s say there was a war between two countries, it destroys almost everything, and then it ends. Allies are in bad shape, the people are starving, everyone barely made out of this war alive.

Right after this war ends those two countries declare war again. What happens? People won’t jump into arms again to fight like before. Tthey’ll quickly side with whoever they think will win, the one with better weapons, trying to avoid a new war or making it short.

Don’t waste time thinking at this point. We still don’t have the data to say whether the PS4 is selling ‘strongly’ or not. By ‘strongly’, I mean ‘sold out’ months from now with high supply.




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