Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 11, 2014

Email: Music Category

Hey Master!
Just sending this e-mail to say that I don’t have time to nothing since the last eight months, I’m studying eight or nine hours a day (including weekends) for a very competitive public job in Brazil, I have time just to study, to see my girlfriend and to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during the week. Yet I always find a way to have time to read your blog! That’s the way how I can relax reading about one of my passions: videogames.
With the Mega Man 4 post I remembered the Music category the website used to have and I really miss it. The blog used to be more charismatic with it. I used to read the articles and posts listening the music of the games, it was very ‘immersive’ hahaha.
You should revive it!
And very nice idea with the Old Man Advice category.
Keep kicking the industry butt.

Hmm, we can bring the music category back. It was stuck at 99 with the 100 going to be the Last Post Ever. But we can keep going on. Or start all over! hahaha

I’ve noticed that no matter what is said about a game or even screenshots of the game, nothing impacts like music. Music takes you back.

I also find posting about video games to be relaxing. Most of my time I’m reading on business or legal stuff. Video games just seems such an absurd thing. Since I’m not in the Game Industry, everything that happens here is greatly amusing!




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