Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 19, 2014

Ghostbusters is a perfect movie

Ghostbusters was released in 1984. I saw it recently. It hasn’t aged at all. Every minute of it is still extremely entertaining. The movie still feels fresh after all these years. I still can’t tell if the movie is a comedy, a horror film, or a heroic film. Perhaps it is all of them.

Ghostbusters III is going to be made, and I bet it is going to suck. They probably won’t call it Ghostbusters III but just Ghostbusters. They want to reboot it. They want to drive the original out of existence. Some say this is only for easy money purposes to cash in on nostalgia of a classic film. I’m more cynical.

There is nothing aged about Ghostbusters. It doesn’t need to be rebooted. It is extremely entertaining as it is. I was shocked at just how well made this film is. There is some commentary on the rich and poor (movie interacts with both. Keymaster gets mauled by the hell hound in front of the rich people restaurant, and they don’t care.) Religion makes an appearance which is natural since you have people coming back from the dead, walls bleeding, and an apocalypse scenario. It’s like the film mocks the cardinal’s position over the mayor but there is no condescension of religion as you typically see. Winston doesn’t come across as a ‘must-have-black-guy’ in the film. “I’ve seen things that’ll scare you white!” Winston comes across more as the common man in comparison to the egghead scientists.

There are two big things that really shocked me when seeing this movie.

1) The Ghostbusters is a story of academic eggheads who rebel against the university system to go start a private business. The university system is mocked thoroughly at the beginning of the film, and the small business of the Ghostbusters is shown struggling to survive (at first).

2) The villain in Ghostbosters is not Zule but the EPA. HOLY SHIT. Hahahahahahaha. They even pegged the EPA guy down PERFECTLY. Always quick to anger, running around with a full beard trying to be ‘sophisticated’, and correctly labeled ‘no dick’. Just watch the videos.

The idiot EPA official brings Armageddon down on New York City.

Here is ‘No Dick’ getting thrown out by the mayor. The movie catches the little man ‘trying to be the big authoritative man’ perfectly with this guy.

Ghostbusters is an iconic classic movie. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves it. But the movie does not fit the modern Hollywood narrative. When was the last movie you saw that had the university system mocked and the EPA be the primary villain? I wouldn’t be surprised if the reboot has the university system ‘provide’ for the Ghostbusters and have some big cat corporate CEO be the ‘primary villain’ shutting down the containment system.

Ghostbusters is a business movie where scientists become successful entrepreneurs. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m afraid I never will again.

Let’s end this post with a heroic clip of Saving The Day:



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