Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 17, 2014

Email: Alcohol for Men

Greetings, Master Malstrom

Some time ago in your Old Man Advice, you wrote that “Alcohol is a poison to your body”. This has kept me thinking, and I’m wondering if you can elaborate on this point. In media, the cool men like Hank Moody of “Californication” and the “Most Interesting Man in the World” drink alcohol. Of course, the alcohol industry wants to sell their products, but there seems to a very strong image in the public consciousness that manly men drink alcohol. Not the sugary fizzy stuff marketed to women, but beer and especially hard liquor like whiskeys and vodkas. Real-life people like Ernest Hemingway have perpetuated this image.

I’m not asking because of the “image”, I’m wondering what’s the truth behind it. Alcohol is physiologically literally a poison that our livers have to break down before a toxic amount is accumulated in the body, but is some poison that we can handle better than a life without the harms as well as the benefits? Or going even further, might a controlled amount of alcohol in moderation be more beneficial for men’s quality of life than full sobriety?


Moderate drinker (for now)


Alcohol will help make you fat. There is no nutritional value from alcohol.

I occasionally drink whiskey. There is social value in it.

Did you know that there is a drug that all Americans are addicted to? It is in our foods, our drinks, it is everywhere. It is in our LOW FAT alternative ‘health food’. It is the number one contributor to obesity and poor health.

“Oh, Malstrom, tell us what it is! Do so now or else we die!”

Very well, reader. You have persuaded me! The drug is sugar. Try taking as much of it out of your diet as you can. You’ll be amazed at the results.



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