Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 17, 2014

Email: Sakamoto doesn’t want to return to traditional games

What I hope this means is that he’s been taken off the Metroid franchise, and will no longer be working on it.

What it likely actually means is that he’ll get even more “CREATIVE”, but instead of putting it into a new franchise, he’ll use Metroid for his “creativity”.

(FYI, I’m off the opinion that Metroid is still alive, but that one more bad game will kill it for good).


In other words, Sakamoto doesn’t want to be measured against any standard. He’s not capable of making an excellent game so has to do ‘untraditional game’. This is like asking a student to do a math problem and the student responds with doing ‘New Math’.

I can’t shake the feeling that the software directors at Nintendo literally do believe they are CREATIVE GODS. Take Miyamoto’s response to the Wii U problems. He wants to make a game that utilizes the gamepad and THAT will show the world how it is done. (Why wasn’t such a game made before the console launched?)

The problem with embracing CREATIVITY is that they take the market reactions to their products so personally. When the game succeeds, it is because they are a GAME GOD who is overflowing with CREATIVITY. But when the game fails, it is because of THOSE TRIPLE DAMNED MARKETERS or because gamers just can’t comprehend the genius (Miyamoto’s rationale for all the 3d Marios never catching fire). Nintendo has never declared a game failed because of their creativity. No. It is something else. It always is.

While Metroid Other M is a victim of Sakamoto’s ‘creativity’, I strongly suspect that the job of Other M was to create a Metroid for female consumption. Women don’t play Metroid. This is why you had Reggie Fils-Aime and others confident how well Other M would sell. If prior Metroids only sold to males, then surely a Metroid designed to be inclusive to women would sell TWICE as much especially on Nintendo’s most popular home console: the Wii. But yet, it didn’t happen.

Nintendo is cancelling every franchise that sells to men. Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero… The ones Nintendo wishes to continue are ones that sell to women. Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, Pikmin (girls like Pikmin), Animal Crossing, Mario Kart. It is the  reason why we will never get a badass Zelda game like we used to. If Nintendo is being so inclusive, why are its consoles repelling so many people?

I remember in the 80s that people had no idea Super Mario Brothers and Zelda were not made in the United States until someone told them. Today, Nintendo’s games feel so alien as if they came from another planet. No one would believe the Nintendo software and hardware was made in America. They’re just so strange.

In the past, Nintendo knew to ‘internationalize’ their games in order to sell them around the world. However, ever since Nintendo began drinking the ‘creativity’ kool-aid, their games no longer feel international. They feel Japanese. And, yes, that is bad. No one in America watches to Japanese television, listens to Japanese music, or uses Japanese electronics (except for you anime fans). Then why on earth would anyone in America want to play Japanese games? South Korea is kicking Japan’s butt in being international. South Korea didn’t succeed by ’embracing their creativity’.



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