Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 18, 2014

NPD March 2014

PS4- Sold the best.

Xbox One- 311k

Xbox 360- 111k

3DS- 159k

Wii U- 70k

Wii- 20k

Vita- 10k

Thanks to Emily Rogers for providing the non-Xbox numbers (I’ll go through her Starfox article soon).

As for software, Minecraft is still in the top ten. It is the Tetris for our era.

For the Nintendo numbers, they are so pathetic that Nintendo isn’t even issuing a press release. Xbox 360 is outselling the Wii U which is just beyond sad.

When I go to the local stores, Wii U is always in stock. Xbox One was in stock before Titanfall but since its release the Xbox Ones seem to be out of stock. I haven’t seen PS4’s in stock at my local stores.

Why is the Xbox One and PS4 still out of stock this many months after launch? With the recession and the plunging retail numbers nation-wide, it is easy to predict a crunch happening in the market because the bad macro-economics have crunched practically every other market. Yet, people still find ways to buy new smartphones and tablets somehow. In the same way, people are finding ways to buy these game consoles. I told you about one mechanical engineering student who bought a new Xbox One, at launch, and placed it on credit. Some of these gamers so badly don’t want to miss out that they will go into debt just to buy their game console.

I’m wondering if the recession and the sadder world realities are creating a demand in escapism. With more unemployment, people have more time on their hands as well to play video games. A smaller workforce (i.e. less jobs) and rising costs means more basement dwellers which means more hardcore gamers. At least, this is how things are looking to me. Programs like PS+ are close to giving away games.

Profitshare is going to be more important than ever. Giving away games and heavily subsidizing hardware may create “sales” but not profit (and it is profit which matters). In the time ahead, I would carefully be looking over the profits coming from the game industry as I think that may be telling a unique story.



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