Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 8, 2014

Gaming is too good for politics

In the Nintendo game Tomodochi Life, a Mii can get married, have kids, and have a family. However, there is no homosexual marriage. Some people are very upset about this. Others have tried to start a ‘movement’. All these people who are upset about this are self-described hardcore gamers.

Their distemper isn’t with an issue, the problem is them being a hardcore gamer. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO GET A FOCKING LIFE! It’s just a video game. If anything, there should be movements about video games that have bad gameplay in them.

I’ve expressed my biggest fear since I started this site was gaming becoming about politics. I don’t like politics in my gaming. I come to gaming to get away from the politics and other crap. The purpose of a video game company is to sell video games. Why would a video game company deal with controversial material? What possibly good would that do?

How would the market respond if Nintendo started putting in gay marriage/relationships inside their games? Nintendo would immediately be boycotted by those who actually have families. The video games that do the gay marriage stuff are counter-culture games in the same vein as Grand Theft Auto is with killing hookers. I’m sure the people inside Nintendo are all LGQT fans, but in terms of practical business, this is a lose-lose situation. Gay marriage will not sell the product more. Not only will it not increase sales, it threatens to decrease sales and destroy the reputation of the company. The company’s reputation is extremely important. It is why Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has not come out as gay. The Apple brand would be hit too hard.

Anyone upset over this are no-lifers.



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