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Business boards can be extremely arrogant

Here is an excerpt from the upcoming book called ‘Console Wars’. It talks about how Kalinske, despite his success at Mattel, was fired because he was successful. Sadly, the same thing would occur to Kalinske at Sega.

The point is to show that business boards are made up of human beings. They are very vain. They are interested in their own success more often than the business’s success. I believe this vanity is at the root of the Wii U and 3DS’s botched strategy and design. It is not that Wii U and 3DS were incorrectly implemented. Nintendo implemented them correctly. It is that Nintendo’s Board was more interested in their ideology or slogans or personal vanity than in actual success of the company. The 3DS was not there because Nintendo thought it would grow the market. The 3DS is there because Miyamoto and Iwata have invested a great portion of their professional lives to the cause of 3d. They blew up Nintendo’s handheld market just to go ‘now is the time for 3d!’ The Wii U is nothing more than a HD Gamecube with included connectivity (instead of a GBA, it is a touch screen half-DS). You don’t see any passion or desire from Nintendo’s development side to make games that were responsible for the DS or Wii’s success. Notice that the games that the few games that were made that were responsible for Generation Seven’s success were made entirely to try out new business models or for a precise business purpose. NSMB U was made only because it was cheap and easy to rush something out for the launch. NSMB U was also to test out ‘downloadable content’. Miyamoto doesn’t give a damn about NSMB and it shows with how crappy and stale the game is as well as how they keep giving the series to the junior developers. Look how Nintendo handled Wii Sports for the Wii U. The most successful game EVER and Nintendo treats it by chopping it up into parts for a digital download experiment. WTF!? You don’t see Nintendo testing out business models with Pikmin 3 or Super Mario 3d World.

The problem of Wii U and 3DS exist in the board members at Nintendo. This is what happens when people believe they are ‘geniuses’.


How Sega Planned To Crush Nintendo, 24 Years Ago

Above: God, that image brings back so many memories. I love the Power Glove. It’s just SO BAD!




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