Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 12, 2014

Email: Some people offended by some of your posts

What is your response to this topic in the message board associated with you?
“I’m not following Malstrom anymore”
People are turning away, and calling you a childish worldview, sexist and even racist.
Can you address this, explain your stance?


Why don’t they have the balls to email me directly? It is because the objective is not to talk to me but to drive a wedge between the readers and myself. This site is 100% independent. There is no revenue to attack because there is no revenue generated from the site. Like the early video games, this site is a labor of love. All I want is video games to regain their revolutionary high tech culture that it once had. The DS and Wii were on the road back to that high quality. Obviously, the 3DS and Wii U are not. I want Zelda to be as awesome as it used to be. I want Mario to be as awesome as it used to be. I want Metroid to be as awesome as it used to be. And I want awesomeness in new games. Minecraft is a great example of a modern classic.

This site is also a business focused site. I wish to spread the business perspective to gamers to go beyond the sales numbers. In large part, this site has succeeded in being part of creating curiosity and desire for gamers to know the fascinating ups and downs of the gaming business world.

This is a not-that-often updated WordPress blog. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. I don’t post my stuff on message boards or anywhere else. I put it on my own website. Why would anyone be upset by what someone puts on their own website?

For those reading in the Game Industry, they wonder why I use a pseudonym of Malstrom. Why not use my real name? If crazy people are posting stuff on the Internet (not to you, of course) that you are racist, sexist, childish, etc. etc., that has real world implications. Imagine an employer doing a search on your name and find people calling you ‘racist’. This tactic is done on purpose. Since I’ve come from the political world, I had the foresight eight years ago to use ‘Malstrom’ as that shell. They can attack ‘Malstrom’ all they want.

If those in the Game Industry wish to email me their concerns of what is going on in the Industry, I’ll post them up to hide their anonymity. So many people are scared to say anything for fear of losing their job or future working in the industry.

People have been saying “They’ll never read me again!” and yet, here I am, eight years later still being read.

“What is your stance?” I don’t have to have a stance. I’m not running for Congress. I just have a silly blog on video games up on the Internet. If people are complaining about a silly blog on the Internet, it is the best compliment I have ever had. They’re telling me this site is still extremely relevant or else it wouldn’t be attracting the hostility.

If you aren’t being criticized, then you aren’t doing anything!




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