Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 17, 2014

Bringing politics into entertainment only makes you sound like a moron

Attention Young People: Saying political stuff, especially when it comes to entertainment, doesn’t make you sound sophisticated and classy, it makes you sound stupid and crass. Hence this paragraph from a Mario Kart 8 review:

The other notable omission is in the cast of characters’ diversity. After 30 years there are still zero Mario characters of color, a problem that Mario Kart 8 highlights by lining up all the characters on a single screen. When it comes to human characters, Mario Kart 8 is overwhelmingly white. Of the 29 drivers, 14 are human (including Toad and Toadette), and every single one of them is white. While it’d be atypical of Nintendo to introduce new characters into a Mario Kart game, it’s also where the deficit is the most obvious, and during play I found myself disappointed that Nintendo’s stable of characters so painfully fails to reflect the diversity of its audience.

To normal minded people, this paragraph sounds like a parody. When told it is serious, it sounds like the person is mentally retarded.

The world revolves around non-political forces. It revolves around things like business, technology, entertainment, weather, and so on. The reason why the news is nothing but political soap-operas is because journalists are lazy and like to sit in Washington or some other place. Writing non-political news is much harder because you actually have to understand the subject. A Business Writer would need to know about business. A finance writer would have to know about finance.

I am not happy at all that all this political crap is entering gaming. It is like a poison vat being poured in. Gaming has always had ‘controversies’ (some of which made it to the US Senate), but these ‘controversies’ were related only to a single game and revolved around sex or violence. The ‘controversies’ actually did generate genuine reactions from people. Mortal Kombat’s gore did shock people back in the day. What is different is that people are playing make-believe to find ‘controversy’ where none exists. This is going to get worse as time goes on. I expect people then to not confine their ‘discoveries of political incorrectness’ in new games but to go back in time and discover that the classic games are filled with ‘evil’. And then will be the move to remove games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Frogger. You think that is absurd, but if people are going to imagine racism in Mario Kart or that Toads are Humans, where does the absurdity stop?


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