Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 17, 2014

Email: Oh, I’ll soon tell you about Mario Kart 8

But, one thing I learned from Mario Kart 7 was that I didn’t realize I hated the game until about a month or so after I began playing it.  The reason was that Grand Prix was alright, but once I got online, I saw just how TERRIBLY IMBALANCED the game was.

I would be in last place and I’d get triple mushrooms (which did nothing) when a mere red shell had knocked me out of first or second place to begin with.  It made no sense and just pissed me off to no end.  Then there was the fact that you could be knocked out of mid air now by lightning bolts or shells or whatever.  That was irritating as hell because unlike Mario Kart Wii, the game no longer gave you items to help you catch up properly when items had screwed you over to begin with.

And the stupid flying/underwater portions were not only worthless, they actually harmed the game because of the aforementioned, constant knocked-out-of-mid-air problem and because they severely limited your shortcuts to what the designers decided you should use.  Player creativity was gone.

To be fair though, Mario Kart 7 was rushed and Nintendo had to bring in Retro Studios to finish it.  That may partially explain its shittiness (I’m not blaming Retro.  I’m blaming the rushed job.).

I’m hesitant about Mario Kart 8, but I do like the retro track choices.  Those look good.

The only way I’ll know is once I play it and get a feel for the balance.

Oh, and did you hear about Sony’s recent losses?  Gaming division lost money.  You called it.  “Who will lose the least?”

I’ve barely played Mario Kart 7. I played a few races and got very bored. I think the big problem for me was the ergonomics of the 3DS. I’m an older guy so the 3DS doesn’t feel right in my hands (especially with those TINY buttons) and staring at a small screen gets annoying.

Mario Kart 7 does seem rushed especially if they needed Retro to help out. I don’t think Mario Kart 8 looks rushed. I do wish they actually designed a decent Battle Mode.




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